Watch the Replay with DR. RANDY MAULDIN, USMC (ret), CPSM, PMP

“The 5 Steps To Forecasting For Strategic Sourcing, So You Remove Crisis From Your Purchasing”


  • 1

    Where to find data about past, current, and future conditions for your market and your vendor's market, so your forecasts are accurate.

  • 2

    How to analyze data to predict trends in price, cost, and market capacity, so you avoid sourcing crisis

  • 3

    How to implement strategic sourcing based on supply forecasts, so your supply chain is secure and predictable

  • 4

    How to communicate supply forecasts, so management makes better strategic sourcing decisions instead of tactical crisis management

  • 5

    Three vendor strategies to use based on supply forecasts, so you can take immediate action to remove crisis from your purchasing

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Dr. Randall Mauldin, USMC (ret), CPSM

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