CPSM Certification Coaching Gives You Strategies For Success


“I passed the CPSM Exams in less than 30 days using the methods and strategies presented in the CPSM Certification Coaching seminar. ” Dr. Randall M. Mauldin, USMC (ret), CPSM®, PMP®


Over half the people who attended the LIVE CPSM Boot Camp passed ALL three exams within 30 days of the live course


CPSM Certification Coaching can help you achieve CPSM Certification using the same methods from the comfort of your desk or living room


You get the same content experienced at the CPSM Certification Boot Camp


You MUST purchase the items in the Study Kit Recommended For The Course


Here is what are people are saying about the live CPSM Boot Camp


“We focused on targeted topics from the tests and learned test-taking strategy. ” Brooke, Lubetech


First, the Boot Camp provided a thirty day plan to successfully pass the CPSM testing. The first weeks including preparation for the sample tests, a method to do further focused studying, more review, more testing. A very complete, structured format was provided, along with a lot of resource materials.


“I did a lot of research prior to enlisting in the Boot Camp and I found the Boot Camp to be the most comprehensive in its preparation. I was impressed with how much information was going to be covered within three days.” -Jennifer, Alegenol


“The CPSM Boot Camp’s real value came in focusing our attention on the important and relevant information covered by the CPSM exam. Knowing where and what to study allows you to develop a better focus of how to study.” – Jared, GPOR


“I chose the CPSM Boot Camp because the class would cover the material that would be on the exam in 3 days. I’ve also been away from supply management for 5 years and I wanted to get the latest information in my field.” Liane, Schott


Now you can get the same training ONLINE

with CPSM Certification Coaching!!!


CPSM Certification Coaching helps all supply chain professionals with the opportunity they deserve to achieve CPSM certification. They maximize their resume and proclaim they are a Supply Chain Management Professional!


CPSM Certification Coaching uses techniques and study methods to help supply leaders pass the exams easier and faster than others seeking the certification.


CPSM Certification Made The Difference


CPSM Certification was the certification I pursued when making a career transition from the military when I was focused on finding an occupation. I had very little time to dedicate to studying. I understood that a CPSM certificate under my belt would speak to my experience and credentials in logistics and supply chain management earned in the military. Obtaining a CPSM certification told the world that I was a quality supply chain leader, which is a significant achievement for anyone in supply chain management. For that reason I was determined not only to help myself, but help others, demonstrate professional skills with a CPSM Certification Course.



People who register for CPSM Certification Coaching realize these benefits:

  • Each Week you will receive access to more material
  • Structured approach to the study materials
  • A clear understanding of what areas need immediate attention
  • Specific plan to achieve success
  • The confidence required to be successful



The CPSM Certification Coaching consists of the study strategies, videos and audio files from the intense 3-day course where supply leaders are prepared to successfully… PASS the CPSM / CSM Exams



You get to experience the course as if you were actually there.

We explore knowledge and cover topics seen on the certification exam.

You add the study materials (ISM Professional Series, CPSM & CSM Study Guide, ISM Glossary, & ISM Web-Based Diagnostic Exams) found in our Study Prep Kit and get started.




Week One – CPSM Foundation

Week One describes CPSM Certification Coaching, the test taking strategies, and provides structure for your study efforts.

Week Two – Foundations of Supply Management

Week Two of CPSM Certification Coaching examinees will be presented with Exam #1 topics of supply management that are essential to forming a generalized knowledge of a successful supply management chain. This portion of the course covers costs and finances, international business, social responsibility, supplier relationship management, sourcing and more.

Week Three – Effective Supply Management Performance

Week Three of CPSM Certification Coaching is geared toward Exam #2 topics such as the managerial aspect of supply management, items that are intended to maximize customer values within any organization. This portion will cover issues like organization assessment, planning, project management, inventory management, product development, forecasting, and logistics.

Week Four – Leadership in Supply Management

Week Four of CPSM Certification Coaching is focused on Exam #3 which is geared toward supply chain managers and what it takes to be a successful industry leader. This final portion of the Boot Camp will cover supply management in general, effective managerial performance skills, and leadership and communication skills in supply management.




CPSM Certification Coaching is an extremely competitive option for preparing for the exams when compared to traveling and attending the live event.

The cost of the training is nothing compared to not achieving the certification.

Imagine how your life would change once you earned the most prestigious credential in the supply management industry.

  • Financially, CPSM certified professionals earn 23% more than those that are not certified according to ISM.
  • Professionally, you will have achieved the CPSM certification which is unmatched by any other professional credential in the supply management industry and demonstrates your abilities for positions of greater responsibility
  • Organizationally, the knowledge gained from CPSM Certification Coaching in order to prepare for the exam will help your company achieve higher profits and remain ALIVE!!! in the current market
  • Considering ANY cost savings is immediate profit, the return on investment will be realized within a short amount of time using the tools, techniques and strategies learned to pass the exams

The CPSM Certification Coaching transforms your preparation for the CPSM and changes your life as a supply chain professional.

The live event costs $2697 and even more when you consider the cost of airfare, hotel and food.

All the information without the expense of travel



$1497 $997


When you register for the course, you get 12 months access to …

  • 19 hours of video from CPSM Boot Camp (Begin reviewing the Material Now)
  • 19 hours of audio from CPSM Boot Camp (listen in your car or mp3 player)
  • Exam Strategies and Techniques used in the boot camp
  • Immediate Access!!!




And that’s not all! When you sign up today, You will also receive these BONUSES!!!

  • Access to CPSM Certification Coaching Gym (Value $1164) – Each week you will have access to our CPSM Coaching Gym where people call in to ask questions about the CPSM knowledge, test taking strategies, and anything else they need to be successful. CPSM Certification Coaching Gym will be hosted via virtual conference room so International Candidates will have access as well . Information presented in the English Language
  • Bonus Video #2 – Alicia Mauldin – Certified Professional STRESS Manager (Value $297) -Alicia teaches us how to manage our stress before and during the exam using stress management techniques



Our 30-day Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the CPSM Certification Coaching after thirty days, I will refund your money!!!


I know this will serve you because these are the same methods and strategies I used to pass the CPSM Exams in less than 30 days.


Invest in your future today

The sooner you register for the online course, the sooner you can begin preparing for success.


If we are preparing for a live event, you can join us in the weekly coaching calls and participate just as if you were going to attend the live event without the expense of travel.


REMEMBER, You will need to purchase the ISM Study Guide, ISM Glossary, & ISM Web-Based Diagnostic Exams from the Institute of Supply Management or Amazon.com


So, Click the “Register” button and you can finally get started.


This is your time to get the materials, information, and strategies to achieve success.


Let me give you the knowledge and tools you have been looking for.


CPSM Certification is all about your achieving supply management certification and realizing the financial and professional goals you have been waiting to accomplish.Click the button to Registerand gain instant access to Supply Leaders Academy.


I know it will serve you and I will see you in the CPSM / CSM Winner’s Circle.




ISM’s consent to allow usage of the CPSM® logo is not an endorsement by ISM of this program, its content or its instruction. Participants who successfully complete this program will receive 24 hours of continuing education

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