CPSM Certification Training is going to Anchorage, Alaska

Satellite Beach, FL- Jack Quinn Solutions stated today that they will be in Anchorage, Alaska on August 13 to 15 for a 3 day Supply Management boot camp that helps supply professionals pass the CPSM Exam. As the demand for Supply managers are increasing, Supply Leaders’ Academy will bring you the preparation you need to pass the CPSM Exam within your area. No need to travel long distance to become a legitimate Supply Chain Professional.

The boot camp opens on August 13 it will focus on helping procurement professionals in achieving the highest standard in the purchasing career field. Any professionals in this field, who wants to learn more, attain more and be a true Certified Professional in Supply Management must attend this.

Registration is currently going on! They also offer attractive payment schemes that will help you balance your budget.

CPSM Easy Payment Plan

About this CPSM training boot camp

CPSM boot camp was founded by Dr. Randall Mauldin, a retired war veteran who is keen on the field of Supplies, his aim is to uphold its promise that there is no one left behind and that includes anybody who joined the boot camp. Anybody who will register for the CPSM certification boot camp will be provided everything that is essential to pass the examination.

As everybody’s goal of taking the exam is to have a higher salary and job security, the boot camp will give it the extra effort that you will attain these dreams.

Boot Camp Schedule

This intense 3 day course will expound lessons about the supply management industry and will focus intensely on subjects that are possible to be asked on the exam proper. Condensed and compact topics are being discussed thoroughly each day of the camp in such a way allowing all those who participate will learn easily the matter of the subjects.

The first day is all about the Foundation of Supply Management which covers areas pertaining finances, international business, social responsibility, supplier relationship management, sourcing and procurement.

Second day discusses issues regarding the effectiveness of a good supply management as well as manager also. Topics regarding logistics, inventory, and assessments and forecasting of the demand of product and profits are discussed on this day.

Third and last day is entirely for Leadership in Supply Management. Every detail of how to become and maintain being an effective Supply manager will be discussed on this day. Effective does not end on how one troubleshoot problems regarding the business or organization, effective also means on how well you handle people within and outside the company.

In addition, this boot camp is designed not to dull the participants during the 3 day review. A technique is being introduced to make it more lively and interesting. Reading and review materials are provided, as well as online  webinar is also provided for the participants. Another thing, a one on one discussion is given to each participant to assure that everybody will pass the exam with flying colors.


To learn more about this boot camp, just visit https://cpsmtraining.com, or call 877-680-0494.


CPSM in Anchorage Alaska