CPSM® Certification Pass Guarantee

  • Take CPSM® exams within 90 days of class completion date
  • If you fail, we’ll assume the financial risk and pay the re-exam fees for 1 re-exam per CPSM Exam in the CPSM series of exams
  • Throughout your journey we will be with you to analyze your results and offer custom coaching
  •  Requirements for the Guarantee

Fully participate in the online training by either attending the live webinar or watching the recorded webinar for each CPSM Exam Task.

Take a Diagnostic Exam for each exam before arriving at the CPSM Boot Camp

Submit diagnostic exam results for each exam to CPSM Training before arriving at the CPSM Boot Camp

Provide a study plan to CPSM Training

Achieve a passing score on the diagnostic test before taking the exams

Provide exam schedule of when the Candidate will take all exams

Follow the provided exam schedule and take all CPSM® Exams within 90 days after the boot camp

Have fully paid JQS for the CPSM® Boot Camp Course; and

Meet all the notification and diligence requirements below.

  • At any time, you can attend our next available class with the materials provided at the first course for $250.

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Class availability based on a minimum number of students and instructor availability. The company reserves the right to cancel a course or reschedule a course as required to ensure sufficient attendance. Any course canceled will be rescheduled and fees will be applied to the next course. No refunds will be issued for no-shows, travel delays, missed sessions or cancellations.

updated 1-1-2017