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photo1smallcpsm thumbnailCPSM certification was a goal when I was making a career transition from the military,” said Randy Mauldin, USMC (ret), CPSM®. “I had very little time to dedicate to studying and I understood that a CPSM certificate under my belt would translate my military experience in logistics and supply to something a civilian employer would understand. Obtaining the CPSM certification told the job market that I was a certified leader in supply chain management.”






“I just returned from CPSM Test 3 and passed it too! So, three up, three down. I couldn’t have done it without CPSM Boot Camp and the materials that came with it. Also, thank Alicia again for me. The breathing, stretching and hydrating were followed and they worked! ” Steve, Keiser Permanente

“I did a lot of research prior to enlisting in the CPSM Boot Camp and I found the CPSM Boot Camp to be the most comprehensive in its preparation. I was impressed with how much information was going to be covered within three days.” – Jennifer, Alegenol

“The CPSM Boot Camp’s real value came in focusing our attention on the important and relevant information covered by the exam. Knowing where and what to study allows you to develop a better focus of how to study.” – Jared, GPOR

“I chose the CPSM Boot Camp because the class would cover the material that would be on the exam in 3 days. I’ve also been away from supply management for 5 years and I wanted to get the latest information in my field.” – Liane, Schott


  • CPSM Certification Means More Opportunity – The CPSM certification tells the world you are a professional in a core function of every organization. Certified Professionals earn 8-10% more than those without the certification.
  • CPSM Certification Equals Results – The Institute for Supply Management stated that a 2.5% reduction in procurement costs produces the same amount of profit as a 10% increase in sales. We want to help you earn the credential that tells everyone you are a Supply Chain Leader that can provide solutions in a time when sales are flat or declining.
  • CPSM Certification Immediate Impact – For those who participate in the course, the content will immediately achieves cost savings for your organization because the concepts and techniques provide actionable information to improve your sourcing activities. Organizations developing a strategic sourcing program benefit from sending key personnel to this intense course because the course will bring about cost saving changes in the near term and set the foundation for strategic thinking required for a synchronized supply chain.guarantee
  • CPSM Certification Training Intense & Effective – Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC offers the most intense and effective CPSM exam preparation courses for the Certified Professional Supply Management (CPSM) exam offered by the Institute for Supply Management. Focused immersion provides participants with the knowledge to achieve results and pass the exams.
  • CPSM Certification Success is guaranteed – You will achieve success on the CPSM ® Test offered by the Institute for Supply Management because we guarantee that if you do not pass the exams, then we will pay for the second and, if necessary, the third attempts

Benefits of CPSM Certification Exam Boot Camp

People who attend our seminar realize these benefits using our methods:

  • Structured approach to answering the CPSM Certification exam questions so you have a strategy every scenario
  • A CPSM Certification Study Guide that provides structure to the study materials
  • A clear understanding of what areas need immediate attention so your efforts are not wasted
  • Specific plan to achieve success on the CPSM Certification test that tells you exactly what to study
  • The confidence required to be successful a acheive certification the first time
  • Solid understanding of supply management that you can apply for the rest of your career

The CPSM Certification Boot Camp is an intense 3 day course where supply leaders are prepared to successfully answer the CPSM exam questions. Throughout the course we explore knowledge of the supply management industry and cover topics seen on the certification exam.

With CPSM Certification, you have been tested and certified to have strategic skills to generate profits for the organization.

You already achieve results, so now you need the credential that tells people you are capable of more.

Register for our CPSM Certification Review Course.

You will earn certification or we pay the reexam fees.


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CPSM Certification Training Day One – Foundations of Supply Management

Day one examinees will be presented with areas of supply management that are essential to forming a generalized knowledge of a successful supply management chain. This portion of the course covers costs and finances, international business, social responsibility, supplier relationship management, sourcing and more.

CPSM Certification Training Day Two – Effective Supply Management Performance

Day two is geared toward the managerial aspect of supply management, items that are intended to maximize customer values within any organization. This portion will cover issues like organization assessment, planning, project management, inventory management, product development, forecasting, and logistics.

CPSM Certification Training Day Three – Leadership in Supply Management

Day three focuses on supply chain managers and what it takes to be a successful industry leader. This final portion of the Boot Camp will cover supply management in general, effective managerial performance skills, and leadership and communication skills in supply management.



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  • Other CPSM Review courses cost between $1500-$5000
  • No other courses guarantee the results!!!
  • Financially, CPSM certified professionals earn 10% more than those that are not certified according to Institute for Supply Management.
  • Professionally, you will have achieved a certification unmatched by any other professional credential in the supply management industry
  • CPSM Certification demonstrates your abilities for positions of greater responsibility
  • Organizationally, the knowledge gained from preparing for the exam will help your company achieve higher profits

Price: $2,697

Get Early Bird Pricing

Non ISM Members – $2,397
ISM: $1,997

Certified Procurement Managers (CPM) get an additional discount

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Each participant will be issued their own set of study materials for the CPSM Certification Boot Camp and study efforts after the course.

  • Course binder
  • Workbook with answer key
  • Case Studies
  • Professional instruction to prepare for the CPSM Test

And that’s not all! When you sign up today, You will also receive these BONUSES!!!

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CPSM Certification Boot Camp Online (Value $997/year)

19 hours of video from CPSM Certification Boot Camp (Begin reviewing the Material Now)
19 hours of audio from CPSM Certification Boot Camp (listen in your car or mp3 player)
Strategies and Techniques Used To Study The CPSM Exam Questions
Supply Leader webinars
Immediate Access!!!


[ez_box title=”Bonus #2 – Tom Fulmer – Human Behavior Expert (Value $497)” color=”orange”]

Tom discusses how to use the DISC model to achieve influence in negotiations and leadership


[ez_box title=”Bonus #3 – Alicia Mauldin – Certified Professional STRESS Manager (Value $297)” color=”blue”]

Alicia teaches us how to manage our stress before and during the exam using stress management techniques


BONUSES Valued Over $1,500!!!

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  • Take the CPSM ® tests within 30 days of class completion date
  • If you fail, we’ll assume the financial risk. We’ll pay the reexam fees, analyze your results, and offer custom coaching
  • If you fail again, we’ll pay the re-exam fees, analyze your results, and offer custom coaching
  • At any time, you can attend our next available Cpsm Exam Preparation class at our cost

Double Guarantee

  • Guarantee #1

If you are not completely satisfied with the contents of CPSM Exam Preparation course after three days, turn-in your material and I will refund your money.

  • Guarantee #2

If you fail the CPSM Certification exams, we’ll assume the financial risk and pay the re-exam fees for up to 3 re-exams


All the Risk is on us. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain – Register Now!!!



I know this will serve you because these are the same methods and strategies I used to pass the CPSM Certification Test in less than 30 days. Invest in your future today. There are a limited number of spaces for each Certified Professional Supply Management course, so you want to reserve your spot. The sooner you register for the course, the sooner you receive your bonuses, study prep kit and access to Supply Leaders’ Academy so you can begin preparing for success.

So, Click the “Register” button and you can finally get started.

This is your time to get the materials, information, and strategies to achieve CPSM success.

Let me give you the knowledge and tools you have been looking for.

This all about your achieving CPSM certification and realizing the financial and professional goals you have been waiting to accomplish.

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I know it will serve you and I will see you in the Winner’s Circle.

Considering ANY cost savings is immediate profit, the return on investment will be realized within a short amount of time using the tools, techniques and strategies learned at our CPSM Exam Preparation Boot Camp

The CPSM Boot Camp transforms your preparation for the CPSM exams and changes your life as a Certified Professional in Supply Management


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