Today, the business world evolves every minute; one technique or flair may not be effective the next day. Everybody needs to constantly get their feet on the move, and competition is the key to be on the lead. Success in today’s business depends on how well supply chain functions are run.

Exploring, researching, reading updated materials, and taking certification exams are the latest trend in supply management, such as taking the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) Exam. One need not to rest on passing an exam, but a continuous and extended study must also be a priority. The first exam with regard to CPSM is a macro view of what a CPSM role would be and what departments it cover. Here is a list why a CPSM need to continue education:

Top 5 Reasons Why Continuing Education is Important

  1. Updates on strategies and techniques. One should be updated with the latest strategies and comprehensive techniques specially on the department of procurement of which includes procurement of raw materials for production. Learning more about consignments, cost-cutting and other continues enhancement measurement trainings which comprise global sourcing, supplier relations.
  2. It’s all about climbing the ladder. You cannot be on the top if you never have updated any credentials in your field. It’s a competitive world, everybody’s after your position, but nobody can turn a good man down if you are worth to be kept. A very decisive man can reach as far as his limits when continuing education is one of his priorities. That’s why incessant education is a must if you want to be on the top. Companies are seeking competent and bold CPSM and one can never have these characteristics if he is not equipped enough of all the knowledge.
  3. Catching up with the new technology. Exploring more on how e-business works. It has been a wrong notion that only the young and aggressive professionals can learn easily about software and computer programs. It’s not what you think, a good CPSM considers this kind of learning as a new opportunity to go with the trend of the younger generation. Exploring more on how to use systematic business software schemes and information technology in relation with the other department using computers. In every way, most of the companies today rely on computers for their everyday task and that includes the CPSM.
  4. Learning more about Relationship management. Did you know the kind of relationship between supplier, employee or CEO do not differ from one another? If there should be new techniques and a more effective way to manage these kind of people then go for it! Just take into consideration your relationship with your supplier. There are lots of companies and manufacturers who have the same product and there is a big possibility that you have the same supplier.

What if you don’t have a good relationship with the supplier? The tendency is you’ll be cut-off with certain raw materials or they would dilly-dally your requests. Having a good relationship with these people is a must because it will greatly affect the operation and will surely produce a chain effect on the Return of Investments. Also, this holds true with your clients.

  1. Investing for a better future. Continue educating yourself, although some companies do not give emphasis on the value of CPSM. There are thousands of companies out there who need your skills and may even offer a good pay. Today’s trend on business is the demand for highly skilled CPSM, big companies would love to welcome multi-functional CPSM.

Now is the time to decide, whether to rest on where you are now or continue learning new and effective ideas to be considered as a good asset to your company.

Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC provides you with trainings and skill development for you to achieve a better career opportunity! We can train you and bring out the best in you.

Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC will conduct a 3-legs of CPSM Certification Boot Camp this October. The first leg of the CPSM Certification Boot Camp is on October 1-3 at Boise, Idaho – Holiday Inn. The second leg of the CPSM Certification Boot Camp is at Alaska – Hotel Captain Hook on October 9-11. Participants of the 2014 Northwest Purchasing Conference will get a special rate. The last leg for the CPSM Certification Boot Camp is at Charlotte – Spring Hill Suite on  October 28-30.



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