Handling Logistics Efficiently

Logistics manages the inquiries of what, where, how and when materials must be supplied from where to where, in what manner if it be transported, and when must it touch base for the whole operation to advance easily with negligible intrusions. The logistics chain in any operation is hard to oversee, and unless you’re to…

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Tips on how you can become great logistics leader

Logistics Leader

Incredible leaders relish and look for obligation and responsibility. They motivate certainty, win the hearts and psyches of their group, and draw out their best, whether on the stockroom floor or in the official wing. Organizations in the mid 21st century may be on the very edge of a leadership emergency. With Baby Boomers going…

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What’s the Difference between a Certificate in Supply Chain vs Certification in Supply Chain

A certification in supply chain indicates that you have completed a structured course and passed a series of exams. A supply chain certification indicates that you have developed a high degree of competency and understanding in the supply chain. The two of the most known supply chain certifications are the CPSM or Certified Professional in…

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Why it is not convenient to have an MBA now

Florida – A new trend in supply management was noted last year. Most supply management professionals and procurement officers are no longer pursuing Masters in Business Administration. Instead they are taking an exam, which will enable them to become a Certified Professional in Supply Management or CPSM. Experts believe that this is brought about by…

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Get a “YES” every time you negotiate

Get a yes every time you negotiate

  We use our negotiation skills everyday. In fact, we started to harness our negotiation skill even as a kid. Do you still remember the moment when you convinced your mom to buy you a toy? Our skills in negotiation gradually improved when we reached our adulthood. In conducting business transactions, negotiation skills are very…

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