3 Reasons to know your RFP Score

Transform your approach to buying from ad hoc procurement to purchasing with process and structure.
  1. RFPs must be mastered to do procurement right!
  2. RFPs make purchasing strategic
  3. RFPs can be easy when you know your score
When you know how well you perform RFPs, make a difference to see success and take action where suppliers deliver as promised to meet the needs of your company.
Three reasons why you need use this survey to grade your own RFP process…
  1. Companies who manager their supply chain are 73% more profitable than their competition, so a source selection process means you’re managing your supply chain
  2. Investments in supply chain initiatives result in 40% ROI, so time and money invested results in higher ROI than other projects
  3. Strategic focus requires strategic partners, so you need to have a process that consistently selects the best vendor for your strategy because failure is not an option.
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