Hello! My name is Randy Mauldin, president of Jack Quinn Solutions and the founder of the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) Bootcamp.  The CPSM Boot Camp is a rigorous and effective 3 day course that focuses on the necessary information to take and successfully pass the CPSM certification exam.

The sole intent of the

CPSM Boot Camp course is

to prepare attendees to

pass and achieve CPSM certification!


I originally created this course because I myself was once seeking to gain my CPSM certification. At that time I was transitioning out of military service and was focusing on finding an occupation, so there was little time to dedicate to studying for certification.  I understood that a CPSM certificate under my belt would speak to my experience and credentials in logistics and supply chain management earned in the military.  Obtaining a CPSM certification would tell the world that I was a quality supply chain leader, which is a significant achievement for anyone in supply chain management.  For that reason I was determined not only to help myself, but help others, demonstrate professional skills with a CPSM certification.

In organizing and creating this course I was determined to help make certification as easy as possible for those who are truly experienced and prepared.  Creating a boot camp was the ideal way to present the effective and intense study methods required to pass all 3 exams which are required for certification.  Utilizing the techniques and study methods explored in the course it was my goal to make passing the exam easier and faster for all students.  Each student should be afforded the opportunity of obtaining certification so that they can maximize their resume and proclaim that they are a supply chain management professional!

I would like to present to you the methods of preparation

for the CPSM exams which we instruct and teach each of

our attendees in depth at the CPSM Boot Camp.


These methods are able to help you become the successful and valuable professional you seek to be to potential employers all over the world.  If you feel that you need further assistance or would like to learn some of these study techniques in person we would be glad to welcome you at this year’s CPSM Bootcamp! If you are among the many who cannot join us, we will discuss our in depth study strategies with you here.  Good luck and happy testing!

Certified Professional in Supply Management Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) qualification?

The Certified Professional in Supply Management® is the qualification that supply management professionals strive to earn. The CPSM ® will be relevant internationally and reflect the expanded knowledge, skills and abilities needed to be a successful supply management professional.

What are the criteria for the CPSM ® qualification?

* 3 years full-time, professional supply management experience (nonclerical, nonsupport)

* Bachelors’ degree from an regionally accredited institution or international equivalent

* Pass 3 CPSM ® Exams OR if you are a C.P.M. in good standing, pass the Bridge Exam

What are the benefits of achieving the CPSM® qualification?

The CPSM® qualification will enable professionals to gain a clear understanding of their organization’s supply operation and enable managers to take an active role in critical decisions. Each step in the development of an organization’s products and/or services is controlled by supply management. Current evolution of the profession dictates that a strategic level qualification is needed for professionals to effectively implement innovative supply strategies throughout their entire organization. The CPSM® will be a milestone for those professionals who take ownership of their careers. Surveys indicate those with professional designations report higher annual compensation than those without certification. Pursuing your CPSM ® qualification is your chance to leverage your knowledge and experience into career advancement.

What are the benefits for my organization if I become CPSM ® qualified?

Organizations have communicated to ISM that they value the C.P.M. as evidence of a solid baseline of purchasing knowledge. The CPSM® qualification will also recognize individual competencies in the broader area of supply management. The CPSM® will emphasize major segments of the supply management profession; holders of the qualification will attain a greater understanding of their organization’s supply network and have the skills to make more accurate and profitable decisions.

What is the Jack Quinn Solutions Guarantee for CPSM Exam Preparation Courses?

Our Guarantee: As a graduate of the Jack Quinn Solutions CPSM preparation course, we guarantee your success. If you fail any exam taken within 14 days of completing our course, we will pay for a second exam in addition to coaching you based on the results of the previous exam. If you fail a second exam, we will pay the fees for a third exam in addition to coaching. If you fail a third exam, your tuition minus the exam fees and a $250 administrative fee will be refunded to you within 30 days.

How is ISM distinguishing the CPSM ® qualification from other organizations’ certifications?

The CPSM ® is targeting supply management professionals who are forward thinking and wish to have a broad understanding of all components of the profession. It will focus on strategic supply management, not fundamental or tactical level knowledge and contain the most comprehensive body of knowledge in this area.