By Belinda Summers

One of the goals of every business enterprise is to generate qualified leads. This is done while you make sure that your old customers still maintain their buying habits. On the other hand, a business-to-business (B2B) strategy is a better way of lead generation. The problem is that many companies find it difficult to achieve this goal if they use their own resources. The answer to this is outsourcing. They will need to search for a telemarketing service provider, either onshore or offshore.

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Each firm must exercise enough caution in working with a telemarketing agency. The evaluation of telemarketing vendors comprises of analyzing companys accounts of past experiences, employees observations and insights and researches on the web. Another option is to inquire from the telemarketing firms past clients.

To guide companies on which telemarketing service provider to choose, here are some guidelines:

1. Figure out what kind of services do you need.

All other decisions will be based on the issue of what services the firm needs. Usually, telemarketing vendors offer lead nurturing, account profiling, appointment setting and cold-calling or teleprospecting. Not all agencies provide all the services while there are others who do.

In the evaluation, do not compare telemarketing service providers that have different services being offered. It would be futile to compare and contrast a telemarketing vendor which specializes in teleprospecting to another firm that concentrates in lead nurturing. First thing is to lay down the needs of the company before the scrutiny.

Meeting with the marketing and sales people of the company is a good way to guide your whole decision-making process. After all, they are the same individuals who clearly understand the market flows.

Under this is the discussion of how much fund will the company appropriate for the program. The chosen service provider, though exceptionally good, might be too costly for the company.

2. Inquire about referrals and read publications related to them.

Telemarketing firms also advertise their services to potential clients. Thus, it would not be that difficult to search for some valuable information. Ask, then, for referrals including but not limited to companys own marketing people, other firms sales managers, business partners, agencies and other marketing service providers. If the telemarketing firm really performs well, the fame will be spread through the word of mouth.

Other reliable sources are printed materials, such as magazines, newsletters, journals, publications and directories. The write-ups posted in the Internet through blogs, websites and social networking sites seemed to be the most accessible.

3. Contact the telemarketing service provider and assess the response.

Getting a direct contact will certainly be the toughest test to the telemarketing vendor. Catching them off-guard will be a good way to know just how professional their staff is. During the first talk, assess whether they pass or exceed the qualifications you set or not.

If the company will be able to reach the telemarketing firms executive, it would be better. The executives competence reflects highly on the service providers overall capability.

Do not forget to ask an email containing pertinent data about the telemarketing firms services and track record.

4. Draft and hand out a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Narrow down the number of potential telemarketing firms. Maintaining a long list of service provider names will just delay obtaining the results of assessment procedures. Next on hand is to draft and hand out a request for proposal. The RFP contains standard questions pertaining to company profile, historical performance, workforce, financial status , technical support and others.

5. Visit the actual office of the telemarketing firm.

Visiting the companys site is one way to confirm whether feedback on the RFP is an accurate representation. Actual observation of the company buildings interior will be a credible method in knowing first-hand if the service provider can perform well.

The above-mentioned guidelines will not give satisfactory results if these are not done properly. It should be part of company rules to be diligent in its methods of choosing its partner in a business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing company.

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