CPSM at Sea

Experiential learning transforms your career while enjoying adventures at sea

This 7-day cruise not only teaches you the essentials of supply chain management to achieve the CPSM certification by ISM, but also let's you see the best of supply chain management in action and experience the results of doing things right!

CPSM Certification
7 Days

Schedule of Activities

Live Training Events Will Be For
Latest Version of CPSM Exams

This review course prepares supply management professionals for the CPSM® Exam where participants gain an understanding of the CPSM programs and content covered in each exam:

  • Supply Management Core
  • Supply Management Integration
  • Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management

Apply the lessons from your training as best practices applied to your organization.

Training begins as soon as you register for the course when you get access to our online training platform. Here you begin preparing for the CPSM Certification with over 20 hours of training covering every detail of the curriculum.

Your training starts with an overview of exam content areas, question format and types, exam characteristics and test-taking tips. Participants focus on tasks with the most exam questions. Our process identifies areas for further study using ISM published study materials and other resources. Due to limited time, the course does not cover each task on the CPSM Exams.

Unlike other courses, attending this course guarantees successful completion of the exams or we pay your re-exam fees.

You will earn 24 Continuing Education Hours (CEH).

Orlando (port Canaveral), Fl

Let’s get this party started!

Port Canaveral is your gateway to the Space Coast and the attractions of Central Florida. Visit the Kennedy Space Center, swim at Cocoa Beach or enjoy a fun-filled day at one of Orlando’s world-famous theme parks.

Get on the ship before 3 pm, then meet us by the pool for a Bon Voyage Party!

At 6 we sit for dinner to start networking

After dinner, explore the ship, see a show, or just take a nap

At 10 pm we meet at the club for professional networking


Training Day 1

  • Introduction to CPSM
  • Supply Management Core

Cruising At Sea

Begin at 8:00 am and end before Dinner

Training covers the following…

Introduction To CPSM

  • Why and How
  • Certification and Recertification Requirements
  • Cost, Registration and Application Information
  • Content CPSM Exam
  • Characteristics and Technical Properties of Exams
  • Scoring of Exams
  • Types of Exam Questions
  • Reference Materials for Additional Study and Preparation
  • Distribution of Questions Within Exams
  • Test-Taking Hints and Tips

Supply Management Core

  • Sourcing
  • Category Management
  • Negotiation
  • Legal and Contractual
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Cost and Price Management
  • Financial Analysis

Labadee, Haiti

8:00 am arrive at Royal Caribbean’s private beach resort that features pristine beaches, coral reefs and lagoon-like bays surrounded by forested mountains. After a long day of training, relax and recharge or take advantage of an array of water sports and activities, including our famous zip-line.

4:30 pm return to ship

At 6:00 pm, join the group for dinner with your new friends and family, then enjoy the evening with a show, dancing, or relaxing.

At 10:00 pm, meet for late night networking to learn more about your colleagues and expand your supply chain knowledge.


Falmouth, Jamaica

We’ll meet at 9:00 am to talk about cruise line supply chain management to learn more about this multi-billion dollar industry that would not be possible without flawless supply chain management practices.

At the end of our discussion, we will set the rules for a experiential learning scavenger hunt that will take you throughout the port and into the ship to see and experience you own supply chain adventure.

At 10:00 am, arrive at Falmouth, Jamaica – Let the games begin!!!

Participate in the scavenger hunt or enjoy time with your family, your choice.

Once we arrive, discover the Falmouth you don’t know. It’s time you discover one of Jamaica’s most unique destinations. Ride horseback through Caribbean waters along a white-sand beach in Ocho Rios and climb the invigorating Dunn’s River Falls. Explore the Green Grotto Caves or drift down the emerald waters of the Martha Brae River on a bamboo gondola. In Falmouth, all roads lead to adventure.

Return to ship before 7:00 pm, so you’re not left behind, then meet for a Scavenger Hunt Party where we will announce the winners and review the lessons of the game.

Training Day 2

  • Supply Management Integration

Cruising At Sea

Begin at 8:00 am and end before Dinner

Training covers the following…

Supply Management Integration

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Sales and Operations Planning
    • Demand Planning
    • Forecasting
    • Product and Service Development
  • Quality Management
  • Logistics and Materials Management
  • Project Management

Cozumel, Mexico

Arrive at 7:00 am to start your adventures in Mexico.

Enjoy this day with your family and friends!

Cozumel features great diving, snorkeling and beaches, marine-life encounters, botanical gardens, trails and shopping in the town of San Miguel. The nearby mainland is home to Tulum, Mayan cliff-side ruins overlooking the Caribbean.

Return to ship before 6:00 pm, so you can enjoy a wonderful dinner, show and dancing.

At 10:00 pm, we’ll meet for professional networking to learn about the day’s adventures.

Training Day 3

  • Leadership and Transformation In Supply Management

Cruising at Sea

Begin at 8:00 am and end before Dinner

Training covers the following…

Leadership and Transformation In Supply Management

  • Leadership and Business Acumen
    • Strategy Development
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • People Development and Coaching
  • Systems Capability and Technology
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

Orlando (Port Canaveral), Fl


Disembark at 6:00 am

Port Canaveral is your gateway to the Space Coast and the attractions of Central Florida.

Before you go home, stay an extra day or two to visit the Kennedy Space Center, swim at Cocoa Beach or enjoy a fun-filled day at one of Orlando’s world-famous theme parks.

Included with the levels 2 and 3 - Three-Day Boot Camp Training Session - Three-Day Boot Camp Training Session is an intense training session focused on passing the CPSM® Certification Exams. The course covers Supply Management Core, Supply Management Integration, and Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management with a focus on the areas with the most questions on the exams so your achieve certification. Select one of the event locations below to enroll in the onsite boot camp.

Cost of Program

$2497 Program Fee + Cruise Fare (contact us for info)

Cruise Fare is all-inclusive - meals, cabin, entertainment, etc.

Register in two-steps:

1. Click to select your package and register for your training package that includes CPSM Certification. You have two choices

2. After registering for your training package, you will be sent a link to register for the cruise, so you can select your cabin and travel package. We have a full service travel agency to help you make the right choices for an enjoyable training experience.

Don't forget to bring your family! You have time to be with them before and after training, plus 3 days in port experiencing supply chain in action while seeing exotic ports.

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Watch this video to learn more about the ship...

Call us about Group Rates. Participants who successfully complete this program will receive 24 hours of continuing education.

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