On 8 September 2011, the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) announced a new certification, Certified in Supply Management™ (CSM™), for supply chain and procurement professionals who want to prove their expertise in a significant component of any organization, but lack the college degree required for the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) designation. JQS, LLC will provide training for this new organization with the CPSM Boot Camp Course of instruction. Supply Management allows organizations to maximize profit and many of the professionals who make up this industry have gained tremendous experience, but lack the college degree. Every leader has relied on their supply and logistics organizations to support their operations and enable ideas to become reality. The Certified in Supply Management™ (CSM™) designation debuts November 15, 2011 and CPSM Boot Camp is ready to help those experienced professionals achieve success with an unmatched guarantee.

ISM Professional Credentials Committee Chair Karen Fedele, CPSM, C.P.M., who states the new CSM™ solidifies ISM’s status as the premiere association for all supply management professionals. “The CSM™ meets the needs of a large number of our constituents who want a designation that accurately reflects their knowledge and dedication to their chosen career, but were not in a position to pursue a four-year degree,” Fedele says. “I’m thrilled ISM has added this current, relevant designation option that recognizes the expanded sphere of supply management.”

ISM Board Chair Sidney Johnson, CPSM, stresses ISM’s mission to lead and serve supply management by providing opportunities that advance the profession and, at the same time, allow individuals to advance in their careers. “Basic skills are no longer sufficient to compete in the international arena,” Johnson says. “ISM has global reach and the new CSM™ option gives a broad range of practitioners a valuable way to prove and leverage their supply management knowledge and expertise.”

As noted in the announcement from ISM, the new CSM™ tests the same body of knowledge as ISM’s Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) credential, which debuted in 2008.  The only different is the educational background of the candidate. This means the same course of instruction and materials used to help candidates prepare for the CPSM exams are the same materials to be used for the CSM exams. The eBook How To Pass The CPSM Exams by Randall M. Mauldin details the strategy used to pass the CPSM Exams and can be used to prepare for the CSM Exams. The fundamentals of preparation as described with SRTAP (Study – Review – Text – Analyze – Plan) and discussed in the book are just as effective.

We look forward to serving a new market of supply professionals who have demonstrated experience producing results for their organizations with our CPSM Boot Camp and CPSM Bridge Exam Courses. CSM Candidates will discover an intense and effective course of instruction that prepares them for success. Through the success of our alumni, the supply management profession will continue to provide results when results matter.

Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC offers the most intense and effective preparation courses for the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) exam offered by the Institute for Supply Management. Focused immersion provides participants with the knowledge to achieve results and pass the exams. Course provides everything you need to prepare and pass the CPSM Exams, to include books, study guides, Web Diagnostic Exams, and a guarantee that is unmatched by any other course provider. You will achieve success on the CPSM® Exams offered by the Institute for Supply Management because we guarantee that if you do not pass the exams, then we will pay for the second and, if necessary, the third attempts. For more information, visit www.cpsmtraining.com or www.csmbootcamp.com