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Supply Management Certification Boot camp is a 3 day extensive seminar for those who want to positively pass the CPSM exam. It covers a wide range of subjects, all-encompassing matters that are possible to be given out during the examination. During the discussions, topics about supply management industry, procurement and many other related matters are discussed briefly.



Boot camp is considered as the easiest way for those who want to level up on their supply management rank. Best instructional techniques are created for easy understanding of each student, as well as incorporating the use of study materials to help the examinees go through even after they leave the camp. The boot camp is designed not to bore the student during the course of training. 3 days are divided into 3 modules which are very essential to the examination.

First day, would be about Foundations of Supply Management – On this day, examinees will be oriented with parts of supply management that are vital to create a generalized knowledge of a successful supply management chain. It will help the examinee to develop an outline for structuring an economical and competitive advantage through supply chain. The scope will cover the role of supply chain management, finances, social and environmental responsibility, international business, supplier relationship management and then delve into other major areas on each subject and other points to remember that processes and encompass CPSM.

Second day of the seminar covers topics which are related to Effective Supply Management Performance which is geared toward the managerial aspect of supply management. This portion will cover issues like planning, project management, inventory management, product development, forecasting, and logistics, operation, sourcing, organizational management, security and compliance and the importance of information technology investments.

Last and third day covers Leadership in Supply Management –topics discussed here is all about what it takes to be a successful industry leader. Examinees are exposed to matters regarding leadership skills from administering a purchasing function, negotiating a small deal, or establishing an alliance relationship.

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