women-laptopCertifications are critical to showing your skills and experience to potential employers, colleagues, and peers.

Any certification shows you have met a standard. The question is which certification has the highest standards and most credibility.

What if you could earn one certification that allows you to also earn other certification through reciprocal relationships between organizations?

I am talking about the reciprocal relationships the Institute for Supply Management has with THREE other organizations.

After you earn your CPSM, use the links above to apply for other certification in the Supply Chain Profession.

Through this process, you can save time and money by not having to study for an exam and pay the exam fees.

Of course, you will need to pay the fees to join the organization and any fees required for the certification.

So, if you have the CPSM certification or any of the certifications above, you can quickly raise your credibility through these reciprocal relationships.

Visit the following webpage on the ISM website for more information: