CPSM Certification Review Course Provider – 8 Questions You Should Ask About

cpsm certificationThere are several resources to prepare for the CPSM Certification. Based on your learning style and timing, there is an option that is best for you.

ISM CPSM Certification Online Training is affordable and convenient. You can do it at home, office, or on the airplane on your way to a business meeting.

Many ISM chapters offer CPSM Certification courses that provide instruction once a week or over a weekend. This a great option for people trying to keep costs to a minimum. You may consider this option if you have plenty of time to prepare and need to keep your costs down.

There are ISM sponsored review courses a different times each year. The next one sponsored by ISM is in Phoenix at the ISM Conference in May. The cost varies based on when you register, the early bird rate is the best rate because it not only is the best price, but also locks in your seat.

Some things you want to consider when looking for a CPSM Certification Review Course….

* Do they provide the study materials? – If no, make sure this cost is added to the cost of the course (about $550) to determine the actual cost.

* Are the instructors listed in the Train-The-Trainer Roster on the ISM Website? – This means the instructor has been trained by ISM and should present a quality course

Here is a link for your convenience:

* What are others saying about the course? – Testimonials from our peers help us determine if the course is best for our individual and unique ways of learning

* Are there any guarantees? – We invest a lot of time and money into preparing for the CPSM exams. With that amount of investment, a company should provide some type of guarantee that you will pass. Guarantees add cost to the course, so there is a risk benefit consideration to determine if the added cost meets your needs to get certified within a certain time limitation and budget.

* Where and when is the course? – Time is the most expensive commodity we invest in our professional development and certifications, so make sure the timing and location meet your needs. If not, call the company to see if they can set up a course in your area.

* Can I find free resources that help me evaluate if the company can deliver? – Preparing for the certification is not easy. Many people can do it on their own with a little help. Some companies offer “a little help” at no cost. If you need more indepth training, consider a live review course.

* Is there a special deal for ISM members? It is our certification, so of course ISM members should get a deal. Always call and ask for specials. Many companies are running promotions that may or may not be listed on the website. As supply chain managers, we always want to negotiate, so call to find out if you can get a better deal.

I hope these suggestions are helpful.

For more information about schedule and a FREE guide on How To Pass the CPSM Certification Exams visit http://www.cpsmtraining.com

We hope to see you in the CPSM Circle of Victory soon.

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