CPSM Certification Training Offers Flexible Payment Plans

CPSM Certification Training by Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC is offering flexible payment plans for their 3-day supply management boot camp. This enables professionals a higher degree liberality in term of paying the boot camp fees for a period of 2-4-6 and 12 payments.

The CPSM Certification Training is a fast paced and intensive supply chain training specifically designed to help professionals pass the CPSM Exam. With its intense and focused training, some alumni were able to pass the CPSM Exam within 30 days!

Another extraordinary thing that this company offers is their pass guarantee offer wherein they will pay for the re-examination fee of participants who failed to pass the CPSM Exam, and this covers up to 3 re-examination. This guarantee helps professionals save up to $400, since Jack Quinn Solutions will handle the re-examination fee.

CPSM Certification Training Payment Plan 2015

They conduct several boot camps at different locations in the United States of America and Alaska. In the span of three days, Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC, promise that participants will gain a deeper understanding with regard to the topics in supply management, logistics, inventory, how to troubleshoot problems and so on.

Here is a run through of the topics to be discussed according to their particular days:

First day, is all about the Foundation of Supply Management, which covers areas pertaining finances, international business, social responsibility, supplier relationship management, sourcing and procurement.

Second day, discuss issues regarding the effectiveness of a good supply management as well as manager also. Topics regarding logistics, inventory, and assessments and forecasting of the demand of product and profits are discussed on this day.

Third and last day, is entirely for Leadership in Supply Management. Every detail of how to become and maintain being an effective Supply manager will be discussed on this day. Effective does not end on how one troubleshoot problems regarding the business or organization, effective also means on how well you handle people within and outside the company.

When you decide to join the CPSM Certification Training, you will have the opportunity to choose your own payment plan ranging from 1-2-4-6 or 12 payments, depending on your budget. If you decide to choose the 12 payments, you will just pay $186 each month!

Here’s a list of the payment plans and the corresponding fee:

1 payment – $1997

2 payments – $1018.47

4 payments – $519.22

6 payments – $352.80

12 payments -$186.39

Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC, boot camp fee are a little bit higher compared to others, but they promise to deliver what is expected from them. Over the years, they have stand to this promise and produced a lot of Certified Professionals in Supply Management. Review, reading materials and free-access to supply chain lectures online will be given to participants.

Dr. Randall Mauldin, CPSM, PMP, is the lead CPSM Certification Coach that conducts the 3-day CPSM Certification boot camp. He will teach you the best approach, tips and tricks as you may use for the exam and even give you thorough coaching on the possible question and its answers for the examination.

If you want to know more about CPSM Certifacation Training by Jack Quinn Solutions, what they offer, and the payment plans, you can visit www.cpsmtraining.com or call them at 877-680-0494