Online Training Schedule

This online training is for CPSM 3.0, the latest edition.
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Webinars will be available for training on the dates specified below.

Group Coaching Calls are LIVE webinars where we will cover a specific topic and answer any questions related to the curriculum.

Private coaching is available by appointment on Thursdays.


Content Becomes Available On The Dates Below. Start anytime to go begin your transformation to a strategic sourcing specialist.

Task Area Description Date Available  
Group Coaching Orientation and Introduction 9/12/2018 12 pm EST
Supply Management Core
Task 1-A Sourcing 9/13/2018
Task 1-B Category Management 9/18/2018
Task 1-C Negotiation 9/18/2018
Group Coaching CPSM Exam process 9/19/2018 12 pm EST
Task 1-D Legal and Contractual 9/20/2018
Task 1-E Supplier Relationship Management 9/25/2018
Task 1-F Cost and Price Management 9/27/2018
Task 1-G Financial Analysis 9/27/2018
Supply Management Integration
Task 2-A Supply Chain Strategy 10/2/2018
Group Coaching Strategic Sourcing Planning 10/3/2018 12 pm EST
Task 2-B Sales and Operations Planning - Demand Planning 10/4/2018
Task 2-C Sales and Operations Planning - Forecasting 10/4/2018
Task 2-D Sales and Operations Planning - Product and Service Development 10/4/2018
Task 2-E Quality Management 10/9/2018
Task 2-G Project Management 10/9/2018
Task 2-F Logistics and Materials Management 10/11/2018
Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management
Task 3-A Leadership and Business Acumen - Strategy Development 10/16/2018
Task 3-B Leadership and Business Acumen - Stakeholder Engagement 10/16/2018
Task 3-C Leadership and Business Acumen - People Development and Coaching 10/16/2018
Group Coaching CPSM Exam Strategy and Test Taking Skills 10/17/2018 12 pm EST
Task 3-D Systems Capability and Technology 10/18/2018
Task 3-E Risk and Compliance 10/23/2018
Task 3-F Corporate Social Responsibility 10/25/2018
Group Coaching CPSM Certification Application Process 10/31/2018 12 pm EST
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