Why Your Team Needs Certification...

Take a look at how certification helped one of our clients shift from tactical to strategic to realize significant results.

The results were so dramatic, the company now requires all executives in training to spend at least two years learning and applying supply chain management…

Dear Supply Leader,

I have been working on transforming our sourcing organization from a tactical reactionary purchasing group to a proactive Supply Management team and finally to a highly effective visionary Strategic Sourcing Team. As we solidified our team in Strategic Sourcing, I found myself looking for training that would establish a common foundation of sourcing knowledge.

After researching several opportunities, we decided to pursue the ISM CPSM certification. After looking at many training methods we chose Jack Quinn Solutions’ CPSM Boot camp. The results have been amazing, out of 7 Sourcing Managers, all but one achieved ISM certification.

Rockline Industries is a privately held company and thus doesn’t communicate financial size and results. But I can tell you that we have six manufacturing operations located through the USA, Asia, and Europe.

The results from attending the Boot camp and being certified have been outstanding. We’ve implemented elaborate commodity strategy plans and executed against them. This has resulted in significantly exceeding our KPIs and Strategic Objectives. The most impactful areas have been cost reductions, RM quality improvements, deliberate risk mitigation plans and a long-term vision.

Our top leadership have recognized it as well, and as a result, our Executive Training Program (ETP) now requires candidates to work in Strategic Sourcing as part of the training. These high-potential individuals are required to spend 2 yrs in Sourcing working to accomplish three things: 1) manage a commodity, 2) lead a significant sourcing project (to the level of a paradigm shift), and 3) achieve CPSM certification. Now we know our next generation of Executives at Rockline will always consider Sourcing as part of their major decisions.

Thank-you Jack Quinn Solutions for the enormous success with our team achieving CPSM certification using the Boot Camp framework and I know we would not have had that without your help.

Thomas Peters

Director of Global Supply Mgt & Strategic Sourcing
Rockline Industries

Classes are live after work hours and recorded for replay within 24 hours, so you will not lose productivity during the work day.

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Supply Management Summer School Starts May 26th with an orientation to the virtual classroom and your classmates. On June 2nd, we begin your transformation to a Certified Professional in Supply Management with Session 1, Module 1, Foundations of Supply Management. As you can see, we are ready to get started and due to the live teaching and coaching sessions, participation is limited to serious professionals, so lets summarize...

  • Twenty-Two (22) Live Sessions with me, Dr. Randall Mauldin, covering every aspect of supply chain management
  • MindMaps for each session for your quick reference and easy learning to ensure you can recall the information when you need it
  • Comprehensive and Up-to-Date material based on the latest information published by the Institute for Supply Management
  • Membership in our LinkedIn Private Network, where you can seamlessly network with your colleagues
  • Live Group Coaching Sessions to answer your specific questions, and when necessary the opportunity for a one-on-one coaching session with me!
  • All virtually on your computer, no matter where you may be this summer!
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