Living with diabetes is a full time job. Learning to manage your diabetic symptoms can mean the difference between merely existing and living a high quality of life. One of the hardest symptoms to keep under control is stress. Are you aware that stressful situations can significantly affect your ability to manage this disease? This can especially ring true if you have recently been diagnosed as a diabetic. This is life altering news and can cause a windfall of different emotions. When you allow stress to take control of the situation, you may forget to take your medication, miss important meals and even stress eat causing you to eat the wrong foods. This can lead to serious insulin swings that can play havoc with your blood sugar level. In short, it is imperative that you reduce stress levels especially if you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes.

Although it is almost impossible to completely remove stress from your daily life, there are however several ways to effectively manage and control it – here are some valuable tips.

Use The Best Testing Supplies

Life is easier when you can depend on your testing supplies. Make sure to keep your glucose meter on hand and test throughout the day to get a true reading to chart your blood glucose level.

The Virtue Of Acceptance

When things seem to be going wrong, it’s always easier to see the bad instead of the good. Learn to diffuse these stressful situations with a simple plan of action called acceptance. Find something good in every aspect of your life – work, family, friends, and be grateful for good health. Staying focused on the best of times can get you through the worst of times

Eat Healthy And Stay Active

Diabetics know that their health depends on their quality of diet. Learn to know your trigger foods and the healthy foods you should be eating and stay away from the foods you should not. Pay attention to your serving size and time of day that specific foods will best benefit you. Make it a point to keep active. Have a plan to exercise at least 30 to 45 minutes each day. This will not only keep your body and mind strong, but will also help in managing diabetes and stress. A feeling of well being has always been known to relieve symptoms of stress.

Talk About Stress

The worst thing to do is keep stressful feelings all bottled up inside. If you are able to speak to a professional therapist, please do so. Confiding in a good friend, family member or clergy member of your church is always a good idea. If stress is really starting to effect your health perhaps it’s time to mention this to your doctor. He may prescribe a mild sedative to help you manage your stress effectively.

In conclusion, the more up to date knowledge you have on this disease the better you will be able to manage your stress levels and in turn live a long, healthy life. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use the best state of the art testing supplies and medications. A Diabetes support group is a wonderful resource and should be taken advantage of. Remember, there is great understanding and strength in numbers.

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