This app is one of the most popular apps that work wonder to send or receive files among the devices.  This tool is very compatible to different platforms like Android, IOS, MacBook and more. The operating system software was firstly updated in the year 2012 officially and people soon started to download this app in their devices which is free of cost and it charges no additional charges at any sort. The Zapya app works wonders when it comes to speed and it is said that this app works 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

The Zapya APP can transfer the files between the devices with up to 5MB in seconds and up to 120 pictures’ in seconds. This tool helps to transfer the files to five devices at a time and there is also no limit infused to transfer the files using the wonderful app. The app has got its latest version of the Apk file to download in Android IOS and other devices. Whether you want to get the file APK downloaded in IOS or Android, it is free of cost and hardly takes few minutes to download. There are more than 300 millions of users who use the app all across the world and this app acts as a real cross platform avaible for the file transforming at different platforms. the application works easily on numerous stage including Android devices, Windows PC, MAC PCs and furthermore on iOS devices. Xender for iPhone has been intended to deal with considerable measure of information and data between two gadgets and it can exchange information at quick pace.

Benefits of getting the Zapya APK:

  • This app is compatible and it serves as the phone replicate feature.
  • This app benefits the user to share the files within seconds and much faster and it includes many languages like Thai and Russian.
  • The app is powered with new and modern features and it adds the FB, G+ and other communities as well.
  • The latest version of the Zapya v3.1 is very much capable of running the Local network games.
  • The app is a wireless sharing form of tool and it also allows the group sharing via devices to 5 devices at a time.
  • The tool is high speed for transferring and is very much better than its alternatives like Airdrop, Bluetooth, super beam and more.

Download the latest version Zapya v3.1.:

  • The first step to do to get the latest version of the latest app is to download the Zapya link from the official website page.
  • Then open the like on the page after you find it and click on the installation. Get the process done automatically on your c and make sure that all the permissions required are granted. Then open the icon on the desktop and run the icon. Share the files with your friends and check whether the downloading process is successful or not. tricks insider Share the QR code with your friends in order to get the data transferred and you can also retrieve the recorded history by clicking on the record tabs. By doing this, you are finally done to get the wonderful Zapya app and start to enjoy using the app now.