There are many websites that now offer online certification for forklift operators, and many well-known employers now use this method to stay compliant of OSHA regulations.

Having drivers get their a href= certification/a online can save companies money and make it easier to get certified. This article will explain how online certification works and why businesses should consider it as a cost cutting measure.

It should first be noted that while OHSA does not certify or give accreditation to online forklift training sites, they do spell out the regulations and mandatory content the online sites provide. Therefore, an OSHA compliant training site complies with OSHA standard requirements. Occupational Safety and Health Standards CFR 1910.178 for Materials Handling and Storage is the regulation these training sites follow.

To get started with online forklift certification, you first choose a site to provide your training, testing and certification. There are many available online for both businesses and individuals including sites such as and Make sure you choose a site that is OSHA compliant and used by other major corporations.

Next, you sign up for their services and pay their fee, which ranges from about $50 to $100 at most sites, then have each operator that requires certification, set up a login name and password.

Next the operator follows the online course the certification site provides, paying close attention to safety instructions. This a href= training/a can be completed in as little as a half hour to an hour depending on the drivers prior knowledge, experience and skill set.

Once the operator has completed the online curriculum they will be required to answer a set of questions based on the course material provided. Most course providers allow the opportunity to go back and review the material and even correct any wrong answers that were provided. In fact, most certification sites have a 100% pass rate due to this.

Once the operator has received the required score, the forklift certification provider allows them to immediately print a certification card showing that the required written exam has been satisfactorily completed. The operator will also then receive a checklist for the drivers exam so they can prepare for that portion of their certification process. The live drivers/operators test is usually performed on site at your workplace, or at a forklift manufacturer training facility.

Online forklift certification is easier than administrating written training and tests on-site and saves time and money for both operators as well as the businesses that employ them. Take time to compare a few different certification sites before deciding on one to provide your forklift training and certification, and again, be sure their course is OSHA compliant, offers competitive pricing and guarantees 100% pass rate.

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