While furnishing a retail store can certainly be fun, its also serious work. In fact, having the right look and feel for your retail store is critical to its success. A well-designed and properly furnished shop will not only highlight products and entice customers to buy, but it will also keep them coming back for more – which is important for the long-term viability of your store.

By following some simple steps, though, you can make your customers feel at home – and boost your bottom line in the process. Heres how:

Tip #1 For Furnishing a Retail Store: Decide on a Style

Deciding what kind of deacute;cor is a critical first step in furnishing a retail store because all the furniture and fixture decisions you make after should underscore your chosen aesthetic.

So ask yourself questions like do you want to convey an edgier, contemporary feel, or a rustic and traditional look? More importantly, what design style will appeal most to your target market?

If youre not sure where to start, then check out your competitors stores. See what you think they are doing right and wrong. You can also check out non-competitor shops for inspiration and ideas. Walk through their stores, take notes, and learn from their strengths and weaknesses.

Tip #2 For Furnishing a Retail Store: Create a Plan

Now that you know which style direction you want to head in, its time to create a plan for furnishing your retail store.

To start, create a sketch of your store and make several copies of it so you can play around with it and test out design ideas. Draw in all your retail functions, including where the cash register will be, the sales floor, the back room, customer restrooms, etc. Now add in the furnishings and fixtures you think youll need. Try variations; relocate the cash register; move the sales floor; move the back room or reduce its size; swap out different kinds of furnishings and fixtures. For instance, use shelving in one sketch and bookcases in another.

After youve worked and reworked several sketches, put them away for a few a days and come back to them with fresh eyes. Continue testing out different variations until you feel youve struck the right note with one in particular.

Tip #3 For Furnishing a Retail Store: Purchase Furnishings Fixtures

Once youve figured out the layout of your store, as well as the furnishings and fixtures youll need, its time to make the purchases. The good news is that in todays market, you certainly have a plethora of selections from which to choose. These include bookcases, gondolas, garment racks, bins and barrels, display carts, risers, tables, and much more. The only limitation is your imagination!

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