Now more than ever, multi-national corporations dominate the global market. Now more than ever, it is important to create a supply chain within all major companies. In order to do this, one must obtain a Supply Chain Certification. This allows one to understand how to run logistics within the corporation. It will also help get whichever products to go where they are needed. The Association for Operations Management (APICS) can help you get the certification with their comprehensive Certified Chain Supply Professional Program (CCSP).

First, a look at what exactly the CCSP Program is. The CSCP can help you learn about global supply chain management. It can also help with your knowledge of customer relations throughout the business, physical logistics and information technology. It also allows graduates of the program to become able to create a framework for the business’ supply chain, allowing for an easier exchange of logistics across a network and to take the necessary steps to create and maintain a supply chain.

Why choose the CCSP from APICS? Well, for obvious reasons, it is the most widely recognized supply chain certification program. It is a certification which multiple employers and employment recruiters are looking for in professionals. And, according to the APICS Operations Management Employment Outlook (Fourth quarter, 2010), “it helps professionals earn up to 11 percent more than a non-certified professional.” Overall, the CCSP Certification will make you a far more desirable candidate for that dream job.

How do you know if the CCSP is right for you? According to the APICS Website, there are a few qualifications they look for in the ideal candidate for the program. The ideal candidate will “have a bachelor’s degree, at least five years experience in his/her field of choice, seeks to improve the finances for his/her company and learn the fundamentals as well as the ropes of running a supply chain.” The candidate needs to have these in mind and any other objectives he/she may be seeking to get from the program prior to enrolling.

Finally, how do you enroll for this program? The first step is to apply for the examination. This requires the creation of an account on the APICS. Once registered, the applicant must complete an eligibility application. This application includes submission of proof. The applicant must show that he/she has a bachelor’s degree and at least two years experience in the chosen field. Then, he/she must register for an exam once accepted. The exam itself exists of three modules: the first is about supply chain management fundamentals, the second about supply chain strategy, design and compliance and the third module is about implementations and operations. The content changes from year to year with education. After passing the exam, one must maintain his/her accreditation with APICS according to their maintenance standards. Their standards are only released once one passes the test though.

Overall, the APICS Program is the premier certification for certification in chain supply management. It will give you the best opportunity to land that dream job or to advance in your current career.

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