Preparing for a certification exam requires tremendous amount of dedication and long study hours, and with this, you probably do not believe that you can pass the CPSM exam in less than 30 days.

It cannot be denied that your professional and personal life can also affect your preparations for the exam, which would often give you a lot of distractions than inspiration. But, all of these things can be put into the trash bin of the forgotten once you develop a plan that can achieve results.

The book, How to Pass the CPSM Exam by Dr. Randall Mauldin emphasized that you can pass the CPSM Exam by following the SRTAP method of preparation. This famous method has helped various supply chain leaders pass the CPSM Exam in less than 30 days.





Plan…and repeat!

CPSM Study Strategy
How to study for the CPSM Exam

Dr. Mauldin suggests that first you must STUDY the information about the exam by reading CPSM Study Guide and practice questions as presented in CPSM textbooks. By doing this, you will gain understanding on what to expect during the exam. It is also important to take note on the study materials to help you remember the concepts and allow you to review the material as you prepare for the exam.

The second step is for you to REVIEW your notes and use additional study materials, which can help you further, understand the concepts in supply chain. You may use textbooks or publications that are specific to supply management.

Next step is to TEST your UNDERSTANDING with practice exams. You can use online diagnostic exams provided by the Institute of Supply Management.

As you test your understanding, you also have to learn to ANALYZE and pinpoint the information you need to study further. Even if you do well in the practice exams, you still have to push yourself further and continue to explore other information in the supply management.

Finally, PLAN your study efforts so that you can develop and maximize your study schedule. Focus on the information that you do not know and within a 30 day window of study, you can pass the CPSM Exam.

Plan out your schedule and allocate time as you prepare for the CPSM Exam, but if it is really difficult for you to manage your time, then try to consider joining the CPSM Certification Boot Camp that would only take you 3 to 5 days for you to learn all the techniques you need to pass the CPSM Exam.

Dr. Mauldin, the author of the book How to Pass the CPSM Exam, is also helping out supply chain professionals to pass the CPSM Exam through a 3 day CPSM Certification Boot Camp.

If you want a sure way of passing the CPSM Exam, be sure to join the 3 day CPSM Certification Boot Camp because if you fail the exam, they will pay for your re-examination fee and offer a custom coaching for you to surely pass the exam!

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