TRAINING WITH Dr. Randall M. Mauldin, USMC (ret.), CPSM, PMP

What is the #1 element of the RFP process that determines your success or failure?

"To become strategic in your supply chain management, you must have solid understanding of the request for proposal (RFP) process, so you always get the best value for every dollar spent."

Master the RFP Process,
so you model the richest man in the world!

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  • Develop Customer Requirements

    When doing any RFP, the first thing you need is a clear requirement. In this training, we will analyze how to develop your customer’s requirement so you can publish an RFP that vendors use to provide a quality proposal.

  • Procurement Strategy

    With a clear requirement, the next step is to determine the right procurement strategy where you look at the big picture to determine the long-term opportunities to reduce risk and maximize profit.

  • Manage the RFP

    Managing the RFP process requires a clear understanding of the steps required for RFPs. In this training, we will analyze each step in the process so you know exactly what to do.

  • Evaluate the Proposal

    When you receive proposals from vendors, the proposal needs to be evaluated in an objective way to ensure best value contracts.

  • Contract Award

    Once you decide on a vendor, the next step is to convert your RFP into a contract. In this training, we will look at the different types of contracts and the most common terms & conditions contained in contracts. Always have your contracts reviewed by competent legal department to ensure compliance with appropriate laws and regulations.

  • RFP Tools

    Many tools exist to conduct RFPs. In this training, we will look at the key features you need in RFP tools and show you how to use our RFP tool to complete your RFP Project for certification.

  • RFP Project

    Demonstrate your skills and earn your RFP certification with your RFP project. In this module, we outline the RFP project requirements and explain what you need to do for certification in RFPs.

Dr. Randall M. Mauldin, USMC(ret.), CPSM, PMP

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