MBA in Supply Chain Management is being offered by various business administration schools and colleges. There are many ways to undertake and complete this degree, which are formulated to facilitate students of every class. These ways are briefly discussed below.

• On Campus Regular Course

An on campus regular course requires you to attend regular classes in the concerned institute for complete duration of the course, i.e. two years. During the first year, only business and management related subjects are taught. However, in the second year, subjects related to supply chain management are taught.

• Part Time Course

A part time MBA course is designed to facilitate those students who are already on some job. They are allowed to take any two subjects of their own choice and complete the course accordingly.

• Fast Pace MBA Program

For students with exceptionally high level of assimilation skills, a fast pace program is offered, in which same subjects of regular MBA are taught in just one year. Students are required to put in extra hard work during the course and save one year of their business career.

• MBA Executive

This program is designed for those individuals, who are working on some management post since long and have a vast experience. But their experience is not recognized due to non possession of an MBA degree. It is also a one year course and essential subjects, which are required to polish their skills, are taught during the course.

• Online Course

With the help of information technology, institutes are offering online MBA programs to facilitate those individuals, who are unable to come to attend classes due to several reasons. The entire syllabus is taught online through video lectures and voice chat.

In all, whatever method you adopt to undergo MBA in Supply Management, must keep this thing in mind that there is a lot of competition out in the market. You have to work hard during your course to learn as much as you can, so that, you can prove yourself in the field.

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