The best office I have ever worked in when it came to the office supplies, was many years ago when computers were in their infancy, and regularly we had to have ribbons for typewriters, Tippex and carbon paper, as well as the more common items of today such as pens, rulers, erasers and paperclips, to mention just a few.

The lady who ordered and looked after the stationery, before the advent of management software that allows you to order automatically on line, was an absolute mastermind.

Nothing ever ran out, a regular inventory was kept; only she had a key to the stationery closet, and all was signed out and carefully watched over with military precision. How she did it is anyone’s’ guess, but she did have a regular full time job at home looking after a husband and five children, so maybe managing the office supplies, compared to that, was a breeze.

Moving on, office supplies may seem mundane and pretty boring to those not involved, but try telling someone who needs a new toner cartridge that there isn’t one, or staples for the stapler, only to find there are none.

There are numerous specialist software packages available that make stock control and ordering blindingly simple and non time consuming.

Simply by being organized, having regular use items close to hand in a locked closet, and less often used items in a storage closet, and maintaining a strict checklist and ordering regime, there is absolutely no need to run short or run out of anything. Whenever something is running low, re-order before it is completely out.

Over a period, compare and review expenses, see if there is an area where items can be recycled or usage trimmed, it is easy to be wasteful when the bill is being footed by someone else.

Make your colleagues aware of cost cutting, be proactive and the savings will mount up. Check out other suppliers, internet websites and speak to your current supplier to see if you can squeeze savings from them. It is better for your supplier to have ninety percent of one hundred sales values, than one hundred percent of nothing.

See what special offers or sales are available on everyday items, and try to order or buy in bulk on everything. One large payment up front can keep costs low; and always ask for discount for cash. Forget the thirty days from invoice; that only benefits the supplier.

Better to have your money in your pocket for as long as possible.

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