Personnel efficiency and office productivity are the results of a well-managed business environment, coupled with a tame budget. What makes office management doubly rewarding is when efficiency and productivity is sustained while also keeping the expense barometer in check. The balance is achieved by providing a well-stocked supply room, so typical office products supply can be released methodically and only when the need arises.

So how does one manage the office products supply and keep it in check? An important consideration is the intermittent usage and retrieval of supplies from the supply room as well. This can be done by strictly enforcing the recommended guidelines below.

  • Live within the prescribed budget. Office supplies are a budgeted expenditure so that departments or units should likewise adhere in principle to stay within the limits in terms of procurement and usage – nothing more, nothing less. It becomes really expensive for an office to procure supplies before the end of the fiscal year, simply to serve the need of a department that fails miserably to abide within the limits of the budgetary requirements.
  • Procure office supplies in bulk. This practice would of course provide offices with a substantial cut in expenditures as large discounts can of course be expected from ordering wholesale office supplies. Maintaining a sizable buffer stock minimizes frequent requisition which can be costly in the long run.
  • Provide incentives. Set incentives in whatever form to departments that practice sound supply management. This pertains to departments that put supplies use in check, so some surplus in the office products supply is left at the end of the year without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Maintain a well-managed supply room. This is at the core of efficiency because properly managed requisitions can meet the supply needs of each department head-on. Office supply use discrepancy, when minimized breeds personnel efficiency and raises overall workplace productivity.
  • Monitor supplies used out of the office. Certainly, personnel carry along a few office supply items when doing out of the office assignments. The absence of proper monitoring can result in a lot of wasted supplies.

Remember, that the efficient use of office products supply is dependent on the desire of each personnel and departments or units to contribute to the long-term goals of the office. In the end, sound office management involves a well-stocked office supply room that can squarely meet the requirement of departments and users that are conscientious to the efficient utilization of office supplies.

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