Today, a huge gap exists between the demands for qualified human resource in the emerging logistics and supply chain sector and the human resources deployed currently in the logistics industry. Realizing the evolving trends in the industry, an increasing number of institutions and universities across the globe have introduced education programs that confer degrees, diploma and certificate courses in logistics and supply chain management to graduates as well as working executive- in their effort to substantiate the prevalence of resources understaffing. Distance learning supply chain management courses and part-time courses has become one of the most suitable options for executives-who are already employed in the sector-to help them gain an edge-over their colleagues in times of internal vertical movement within their organizations.

In recent years, business establishments have begun to emphasize upon the importance of improving operations management through the promotion of inter-firms communication and coordination on the lines of supply unlike the last two decades. The rapid increase in consumer demands over product price, quality, variety, lead-time and the volume demand of goods have forced companies to shift their maximum concentration from their internal operations to the other paraphernalia of operations such as chain, including suppliers and distributors.

In fact, supply involves a series of coordination and events starting from amassing of raw materials and manufacture of goods, storage, transportation, and distribution to retail units for the direct sale to customers. Career in supply management is not only lucrative but, it can offer a secure career profile at any level of the supply chain sector. The advent of online education has enabled working executives in the supply sector to continuously enhance their skills and qualifications while being productive at the same time.

One of the best features of distance learning education is the flexibility and minimal time constraints-so, a student can learn anytime and anywhere unlike traditional learning environment where learning is only confined to the four walls of a classroom. This type of education systems offers increased learning accessibility and hence, it imparts life-long learning option and continued skills enhancement. In addition, the success of internet technology has helped millions of students to access experts and enormous volume of online database.

On top of that the education costs incurred pursuing these kinds of courses are comparatively lower than the regular ones; as a result it is a financially viable option for most students and working executives. In India, there are many institutes offering supply chain management courses-some of them include- MIT School of Distance Education, Indian Institute of Material Management, IGNOU, IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute, Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL) and many more. So, distance learning programs allow students and working executives the opportunity to pursue professional courses of their choice.

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