Build Your
Small Business & Supplier Diversity

Set Up Your Small Business and Supplier Diversity Program

Five Sessions - A Complete Program

Policies and Planning

Foundation of Supplier Diversity Program
Develop supplier diversity programs and initiatives that align with organization objectives that integrate supplier diversity programs with other corporate diversity and business initiatives. Learn how to consult with and advise senior management on developing and integrating strategies into business practices with diverse suppliers and identifying new opportunities stakeholders with a clear Mission, Vision and Commitment statements that build relationships with internal teams

Sourcing & Supplier Development

Reduce Supply Chain Risk
Develop strategies and procedures for integrating diverse suppliers into the strategic sourcing process by recommending and qualifying diverse suppliers to the sourcing team. Maintain successful relationships with diverse suppliers with resources, coaching and mentoring. Learn how to establish internal qualifications and create systems for screening diverse suppliers so you can integrate them with new and existing business, contracts and bidding opportunities.

Finance and Budget

Bottom Line of Diversity Programs
The bottom line of diversity program is the ability to define and justify Return On Investment (ROI) to appropriate stakeholders. In this session, integrate your diversity program within the organization by establishing annual diverse spend goals and targets. Create support with business units with budget and financial goals for organizational diversity initiatives.

Metrics & Oversight

Measure Success
Measure your supplier diversity programs when you define, install and maintain metrics to measure and report the performance of diverse suppliers throughout the sourcing process. Learn how to monitor progress toward meeting goals and objectives by measuring success so you can recommend actions based on results.

Training & Advocacy

Champion Diversity
Provide training on diverse supplier sourcing principles, including organizational and government requirements so businesses units use diverse suppliers in their procurement processes and business development. Learn how to create a communication plan with marketing tools and rewards/recognition systems that promote supplier diversity with organization-sponsored diversity presentations and events.

Complete Training Totally Online

Learn how to...

  • develop a small business program, so you can benefit from local vendors
  • create a supplier diversity program, so you can meet diversity goals
  • implement a program, so your small business vendors add value
  • manage your program, so you easily meet business goals

This course is designed to help you build your small business and supplier diversity programs and assist those preparing to take the CPSD™ Exam.  The content of supplier diversity management program is based on a job analysis of supplier diversity positions in the following areas:

  • Policies and Planning
  • Sourcing/Supplier Development
  • Finance/Budgeting
  • Metrics/Oversight
  • Training and Development
  • Advocacy/Marketing/Outreach

How it works...

Starts as soon as you register
5 sessions over 5 weeks
Each Week Get Access To A New Webinar
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Online Virtual Program

Learn The Secrets to Running Your Own Powerful Supplier Diversity Program

Join this Special Program for supply management professionals who want to transform their small business programs to meet supplier diversity goals.

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What Are You Waiting For?

When you complete this program, you will be ready for diversity certification that demonstrates your value as a business leaders and team member ready to develop of diverse supplier initiatives within the organization and provides instant recognition as a respected professional within the diversity programs.

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Certified Professional of Supplier Diversity™

(CPSD™) Requirements

The Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity™ (CPSD™) is a professional designation for supply management professionals whose responsibilities include supplier diversity. The CPSD™ is also for other business professionals with responsibility for strategic diversity initiatives. Having this designation also delivers added value to business leaders and other team leaders who participate in the development of diverse supplier initiatives within the organization, providing instant recognition of a respected standard within the diversity programs.

What are the requirements for the CPSD™?

  • Successfully pass Exam 1 of the Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®). (This requirement is waived if the candidate holds a current C.P.M. or CPSM®)
  • Successfully pass the CPSD™ Exam.
  • Minimum of five years professional (non-clerical, non-support) supplier diversity or supply management experience (does not need to be full time), OR three years of professional (non-clerical, non-support) supplier diversity or supply management experience IF the candidate has a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

This CPSD™ Course is designed to assist those preparing to take the CPSD™ Exam as part of the CPSD™ requirements.

Content of the CPSD™ Examination

The content of the CPSD™ Examination is based on the findings of a job analysis of supplier diversity positions. The test specifications were developed to reflect the results of this job analysis as thoroughly and as accurately as possible. The CPSD™ Examination covers the following areas:

CPSD™ Exam

  1. Policies and Planning
  2. Sourcing/Supplier Development
  3. Finance/Budgeting
  4. Metrics/Oversight
  5. Training and Development
  6. Advocacy/Marketing/Outreach

The review course will cover the most important aspects required to pass the CPSD™  and CPSM®  Exams. Two training days is not enough time to cover all the material, so this review course will cover the most important concepts required to pass the exams. Day One will focus on the CPSD™  Exam. Day Two will focus on the CPSM® Exam #1.