Supply chain management is an expanding career field that needs certified professionals. With certification, the Institute for Supply Management Salary Survey shows you earn almost $10,000 more than non-certified people in supply chain management jobs, so you can have a better life.

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Show your skills in supply management, learn strategies that make you more valuable, standout above your competition, and improve your financial situation right now with the globally recognized CPSM Certification with our 3-day procurement certification course.

  • Pass or We Pay

    You are investing in a result and we guarantee that when you follow our process, you will get the result, CPSM Certification ($900 Value)

  • One-on-One Coaching

    We give you one-on-one coaching and a tailored study plan so you do not waste time and focus on the things you need to pass the CPSM Certification Exams

  • Online Classes

    Study anytime and anywhere, before and after the live course, so you can pass the CPSM Certification Exams the first time ($997 value).

This is perfect for you…

  • When you want to be successful in supply management
  • When you are competing for employment in supply management jobs
  • When you are ready for a promotion as a supply chain management professional
  • When you want to earn a higher supply management salary
  • When you don't have a lot of time to be away from your family
  • When you want more financial security for your future
  • When you need to get supply management certification

The Solution is CPSM Certification Boot Camp

The 3-day CPSM Certification review course is the ultimate solution for you to pass CPSM Certification exam. Say good-bye to long study sessions that don’t tell you exactly what you need to know to pass the test. Say hello to a focused review course based on proven study strategies and a personalized study plan for your specific needs.

  • 3 –day course

    3 –day course focused on the tasks with the most questions on the exam, so you pass the first time

  • Structured Process

    Structured CPSM Certification exam preparation process, so you know exactly what to do

  • Diagnostic Test ($150 Value)

    CPSM Certification Diagnostic Test, so you know exactly where to focus your efforts

  • Personalized Study Plan

    Personalized CPSM Certification study plan based on the diagnostic test, so you know exactly what to do

  • Interactive Instruction

    Interactive instruction that brings the material to life, so it is easier to recall

  • One-on-One Coaching

    One-on-one coaching, so you can get personal attention for your specific needs

  • Proven Strategy

    Proven exam strategies, so you know exactly what to do during the exam

  • OnlineRecording

    Online recording of previous sessions, so you can review before and after the course

  • Certification Coach

    An assigned certification coach to walk you through the entire process, so when you have questions, you can call someone for an answer

  • Professional Trainers

    The opportunity to work with a company focused on training people to pass the CPSM Certification Exams, so you know you are working with the professionals who have a proven track record of getting people to pass the CPSM Certification Exams.

See What Other People Say About CPSM Boot Camp...

I had the opportunity to take [CPSM Certification Review] course and achieved a CPSM certification the following week. Since this certification, I have been able to gardener attention from multiple companies during my job search process in late 2013. For anyone working in supply chain, I recommend going through the challenge of achieving a certification.

Vanguard Healthcare Services, LLC

The CPSM Certification has helped me acheive a professional designation that has not only increase my professional credibility, but also assured my position at the company. Additionally, my company has achieved significant cost savings as a result of my implementing the concepts learned in the CPSM Certification training. I highly recommend that all supply chain professionals seek out certification to highlight their professionalism in this growing career field


I was very fortunate to participate in Dr. Mauldin's 3-day Bootcamp course to help me prepare for and successfully pass the 3 CPSM exams on the first try. The course and Dr. Mauldin's professionalism and level of Supply Management expertise is worth every penny. Not only was the 3-day class very thorough and well structured to "guarantee" each participants success but there was tremendous service and support provided prior to the course as well as follow-up all the way through the successful passing of the exams. The material can be overwhelming but Dr. Mauldin's plan provides structure and strategy to learn the material to give you confidence to conquer the exams. Thank you Dr. Mauldin. I look forward to taking advantage of some of the other courses you offer in the future

Supply Chain

The CPSM boot camp from Jack Quinn Solutions was exactly what I needed. I am a working professional with a family, and I needed to focus on effectively studying for all three CPSM exams. Signing up for the course was the first step. From there, Randy and Ralyn gave me the study plan and motivation necessary to prepare for the exams. As a result, I passed all three exams at my first attempt (within 30 days from attending the boot camp). I highly recommend this if your time is limited and valuable.

University of California

Let's get to the bottom of this, and see what you are going to get from deciding to choose to train with us.

What do you get out of your $1997 investment in the Supply Management Certifiction Boot Camp?

  • A fast paced, comprehensive 3 day review course to prepare you to successfully pass the supply management certification exams, so you don't have to waste time away from your family on the weekends or at night
  • Your own supply management diagnostic kit ($147 value), so you know exactly how much you really know about supply management.
  • Customized study plan so you know exactly where to focus your efforts to pass the certification exams easily.
  • Access to the online version of the course, so you can review before and after the class ($297 Value), to really get to grips with the content.
  • One-on-one coaching session with a CPSM Certified coach, so you can ask questions to a live person, get answers and see things from new perspectives.
  • Additional reading materials, workbook, answer keys and course binder given in class ($600 Value), so you have the reference material you need to ensure you understand and apply supply management concepts, and see great results from doing so.
  • Exam Pass Guarantee, so you know you will pass the first time or we pay for your reexamination ($900 Value)

Everyone knows that you are investing your time and money to get the certification that will help you earn more money for you and your family,

So you could

  • Leave it to chance through studying time consuming courses that don't guarantee the results and can cost upwards of $2000.00

Choose, our supply management certification course, where you will get the motivation to succeed, a clear vision of your goals, and words of encouragement along to way.

And remember, our courses are guaranteed which ever route you choose to decide to take is perfect. .

"We focused on targeted topics from the tests and learned test-taking strategy. Plus it was good to hear about other people and industries’ examples of what worked for them and how they applied the methods/strategies. "

Cheerful employer

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