Nearly every business will go through a supplier to purchase products. However, many people do not realize how serious this process is, and that there are actually full-time jobs in procurement and supply chain management. These jobs can be pretty exciting for people who enjoy working with others, and have a taste for sales. People may wonder what people with these job titles actually do.

People who hold procurement jobs are essentially responsible for making purchases. This is a job that has a lot of responsibility, as the employees are given limited funds to keep the shelves stocked. The job will require a fair amount of negotiation skills, as the company will expect the department to get the most out of the money. Procurement jobs also require the employees to ensure that products are always in-stock, and if they need to be back-ordered, the employees will need to know when the products will be back in-stock.

Supply chain management jobs are on the other side of the business transaction. These employees are assigned the task of finding business, or customers, to purchase the company’s products. These employees need to have excellent sales skills to convince people to buy their company’s products. They also need to know everything about their product, as the customers will likely have several questions and expect immediate answers. When people spend their money, they expect the business to provide them with excellent knowledge. Supply chain management jobs also require the employee to oversee the distribution process. This means that they will need to keep in touch with distributors, to ensure that they still have plenty of products. Perhaps the most difficult part of this type of job is production scheduling. Production scheduling is essentially how many, of each product, the company will produce at any given time. This can become tricky, as it may appear the sales have come to a halt with a product, but then the product may begin flying off shelves. The supply chain manager needs to carefully inspect sales records to make sure products are not over or under-stocked.

Employees in these fields will likely work at a lower level to begin with, as this will allow them to learn the system. Most companies are not going to put a fresh, college graduate into a procurement position. It would be even rarer to see a person get a supply management job immediately after graduating college.

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