Your purchasing staff is spending an average $19.5 Million per year, so why are they not certified in supply chain management.

I came across this graphic by CAPS Research and found the information very interesting in regards to how much money procurement professionals manage.


how much spent per scm employee

On average $19.5 Million per day!

Purchasing folks are engaged in the day-to-day
procurement as well as strategic sourcing and
directly responsible for your profits.

You spend far less on your accountants and attorneys,
but they must be certified in their profession or else we don’t trust them.

Consider your financial advisor managing your personal wealth…
the financial industry requires they have certification in order to give advice.

BUT, companies aren’t concerned about the
people directly responsible for
managing the costs of your company, who are ultimately
responsible for getting profit from revenue generate by sales.

Why not require certification of the
people directly responsible for your profits?

%%First Name%%, Time to be different and
demand your procurment staff meet a professional standard.

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Don’t wait until crisis strikes or the economy hits a recession.

Build procurement as a strategic capability with strategic sourcing.

To do build a strategic sourcing capability begins with
certification of your purchasing staff.

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So your success,

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Source: Cross Industry Metric Report, CAPS Research, July 2015