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You can beat 83% of your competition without increasing costs!

According to a recent survey, only 17% of CEOs say their supply chain is optimized to get the best value from their vendors. That means 83% of the companies surveyed are spending too much money in the supply chain. When you reduce costs in the supply chain, that is immediate profit to the bottom-line.

The problem is many executives feel supply chain is a software problem or an accounting or finance issue. Reality, even with the best software, supply chains will continue to suffer until the people who manage the supply chain are properly trained and certified in the best supply chain practices. (This is not an accountant's job).

When disaster strikes, you can stay in the game while 85% of your competition falls behind!

According to the same survey, less than 15% of CEOs believed their current supply chain could survive a major disruption like a hurricane, labor strike, or war. That means 85% of companies would fail during a major disaster. Worse yet, the vendors that provide you with products and services couldn’t survive. Could you afford to lose a vendor supplying a major component?

To be blunt, your Company is Flushing Money Down the Toilet Because Of Your Supply Chain!!!

Would you trust your sales to a computer?

No, of course not, there are people skills required to identify needs and provide solutions. Companies spend over $20 Billion a year on sales training. They dedicate 32 days of initial training and 10 days of annual training to make sure their sales people are top notch and generating revenue to cover expenses and make a profit.

No matter how much sales generates revenue, each sale has expenses. Those expenses minus the revenue equals the profits that keep businesses alive and shareholders happy.

So, if you spend so much on the revenue generation, why don’t you invest in controlling expenses?

Supply professionals, also known as purchasing or procurement, get less than the average in annual training dollars invested in the company. These folks are responsible for spending between $4 million and $22 Million of your company’s money; yet they get between $177 and $1027 each year to improve their skills. These are the skills of reducing costs, but more importantly, the skill of making absolutely sure that when you need something to serve your clients, you have it. Not only do you have it, but you have the right stuff, in the right place, at the right time.

As we said in Marine Corps, you never know when you have a good supply office, but you always know when you had a bad one because you just didn't have the things you needed to operate.


  • You need people who know your company in a way that cannot be digitized.
  • You need people to work with your vendors in the supply chain so that you always get best value and top priority.
  • You need people trained in best supply chain practices set by the Institute for Supply Management

Software can tell you where you are spending your money, but it cannot negotiate the deal!!! Only trained and certified people understand your strategic vision so you can make moves today to ensure you are in the best position possible to generate profits, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and, yes, even the next decade. The needs of today's supply chain have rapidly move beyond the experience of your purchasing staff and require people with critical thinking skills to be strategic.

This is not your accountant, folks!!! Accountants can tell you where the money is going, how much you are spending and you are spending too much.

What you need is a Supply Leader who understands the effects of...

  • Wars in the Middle East
  • Dropping oil prices
  • Tsunamis in Japan
  • Blizzards in the Midwest

When you invest in training your people, they have the ability to put it all together and take action to secure the profits of your shareholders. such as when there is a...

  • A shift in currency because oil prices are dropping and your costs skyrocket overnight.
  • A volcano erupts in Greenland can cut off your supply from Europe.
  • A union strike in Los Angles shuts down the port and your goods sit in the ocean, while your customers wait, wait, wait

The truth is that in order to succeed in today's economy, we have to find advantages and leverage opportunities throughout our supply chain. Because our supply chain has the greatest potential to increase profits, it is essential that we have suppliers with supply chain professionals who know how to make a difference... today.

After going through this training, your company's supply chain will have a foundation of professionals that understand proven procurement concepts. With this understanding, you can develop a collaborative supply chain that allows for increased profitability. 

In fact, the results of implementing supply chain management are a return on investment of 40 percent by lowering costs, improving productivity, and increasing opportunities.

When you invest in training your purchasing staff, they will use the best suppliers that understand how to find value and increase profits no matter the economic conditions. With professionals that have the CPSM Certification, we know your company will always perform as a reliable strategic partner to your customers.

Benefits for investing in training your people...

  • Immediate Impact - The course content will immediately help you achieve cost savings for your organization through the actionable concepts and techniques we teach. One person saved an additional 15% on a $15 Million deal based on the information learned to prepare for the test.
  • Strategic Sourcing – The key concepts of the course focus on STRATEGIC actions. Organizations developing a strategic sourcing program benefit from sending key personnel because the course brings about cost saving changes in the near term and sets the foundation for strategic thinking that lead to ongoing savings.
  • Intense & Effective - Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC offers the most intense and effective preparation courses for the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM®) exam offered by the Institute for Supply Management. Focused immersion provides participants with the knowledge to achieve results and pass the exams the first time.
  • Success is guaranteed - Your team will achieve success on the CPSM® Exams by the Institute for Supply Management which means your procurement professionals have met the highest standard set by a global certification institute. JQS guarantee that if you team does not pass the exams, then JQS will pay for the second and, if necessary, the third attempts.

We want you take advantage of this training opportunity you will not find anywhere else.

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