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You already know that feeling you get when you’ve truly thrown yourself into solving an issue and all you simply end up with is a better understanding of the issue?

  • Customers are very demanding
  • Costs are skyrocketing
  • How do YOU simply keep it all on an even keel?

We have been working, teaching and consulting in the field of Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain for a long time! We have personally led projects that have delivered millions in bottom line savings and improved service levels.

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We’ve been in this business a long time…

We’ve seen firsthand how the frustration people feel when trying to pass the CPSM Exams can build up, making them irritable and downright miserable.

It’s quite frustrating, because there seems to be no clear path to a solution.

If you knew what to do or where to start, you would have rolled up your sleeves and done it already, right?

You feel that you need a better system to pass CPSM exam and achieve the results you want, but there are countless steps that lie between you and the exam, that it’s often difficult to even know where to start.

Furthermore, if you’re like most of the people, you don’t have much time to spend on this! Your work already takes up many hours of your time, and a little time that is left over is where you usually try to live a little!

It really is time-consuming and difficult trying to sort through all the info out there that you must know about logistics and supply chain management to pass the exams

We’ve worked in certification review courses for  many years and understand exactly how vast the topic of supply chain is!

You already know that supply chain efficiency is the key to success of your company, but where do you go to learn the fundamentals and start to achieve this certification course so you can take your business to a next level?

Really, all you want to know are what key aspects to focus on, so that you can select the right strategic approach  to get on track to pass the exams. track.

But, it’s a pain trying to find practical, simple help, isn’t it? You certainly DON’T need hours to waste online, going through info heavy websites, looking for the good parts.

So others continue to get promoted over you  just because they have the certification you don’t, and that super-nagging feeling that you just need to get certified to show people you really do know what you are talking about continues to bubble to the surface.

Somehow, the plates still keep spinning, but can you guess for how long?

You need a plan… A Plan for CPSM Certification! But Why?

Here’s the answer:

  • CPSM Certification Means More Opportunity
  • CPSM Certification Equals Results
  • CPSM Certification has Immediate Impact
  • CPSM Certification Training is Intense & Effective
  • CPSM Certification Success is guaranteed

Thus you need to achieve CPSM Certification!

And to achieve CPSM certification, you need a plan… a roadmap!

A road map that guides you exactly how to find your way through the statistics, confusion and minute details that are driving you crazy.

You have to learn easy steps that help you determine the great strategy and follow it up with the right actions.

You want a straight-forward solution to better understanding your supply chain so you can pass the exams!

Chances are that just because you’re reading this, you’re more than ready to make a little change and figure out a great plan for improving both your promotion and earning potential .

  • You need to-the-point answers
  • You’re searching for practical, quick, useful advice
  • You don’t have to learn about each and every aspect of supply chain, you simply want to get real solutions, fast

If this sounds like you, our CPSM certification training gives you exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Get the Fast Track Remedy to Your Pain!

We’ve designed this 3-day training course with people just like you in mind!

This is an amazing course for those working in supply chain management and their reports.

You’ll get the simple, useful advice and explanations you want, and they are applicable to any business.

Here’s an overview:

CPSM Certification Training Day One – Foundations of Supply Management

Day one examinees will be presented with areas of supply management that are essential to forming a generalized knowledge of a successful supply management chain. This portion of the course covers costs and finances, international business, social responsibility, supplier relationship management, sourcing and more.

CPSM Certification Training Day Two – Effective Supply Management Performance

Day two is geared toward the managerial aspect of supply management, items that are intended to maximize customer values within any organization. This portion will cover issues like organization assessment, planning, project management, inventory management, product development, forecasting, and logistics.

CPSM Certification Training Day Three – Leadership in Supply Management

Day three focuses on supply chain managers and what it takes to be a successful industry leader. This final portion of the Boot Camp will cover supply management in general, effective managerial performance skills, and leadership and communication skills in supply management.

Tested, Proven strategies

Easy to implement!

This course puts a magnifying glass up to the particular areas in supply chain that are usually neglected. We’ll show you where your profitability can be readily improved.

You’ll get quick insights tips and illustrations that show you:

  • what to look for
  • what to do
  • how to start planning your new strategy.

You’ll learn how to understand what is behind your certification preparation problems and where you can apply step-by-step methods towards improvements!

How much your business generate in profit after clearing this exam?

How much could your career improve after achieving CPSM certification?


So, you’re in a tough spot that is why you’re reading this right now.

You don’t need to end up like this!

If you’re like most people, you’re reading this with a hope, tossed into a big stew of skepticism.

Well, we appreciate healthy skepticism. Go ahead; shine your spotlight on us! Our years of experience and successful track record speak for us.

The stuff you are trying to figure out is the very things we focus on every day!

We need YOU to see the benefits too!

So, in order to help more businesses succeed, we’ve distilled my years of knowledge about how to achieve CPSM certification that gives you the secrets to solving your supply chain dilemmas.

It’s not  rocket science… it’s not hard to learn

Just what you want and nothing more!

We’re very confident that you’ll come to regard this course as both a rescue and a reference tool, on the way to learning how to tame the savage supply chain beast and secure your position at the company by saving your business money.

A Balanced Approach…

Simply Because Without an Amazing CPSM Certification Prep  Strategy, All of Your Other Strategies Don’t Need a Leg to Stand On!

The supply chain certification is at the heart of your career.

If you don’t completely understand where the gaps lie and where you need to focus in regards to how your supply chain is performing, then all other improvement and sales strategies you concoct are not based on reality!

We’ll show you, how to see what’s needed to clear CPSM exam and how you can take simple steps toward great improvements. Guaranteed!

We guarantee that this course will help you gain a better understanding about your supply chain functionality and show you the way make improvements in an easy to understand way. If you don’t get results, we’ll pay the reexam fees.

This course has the answers you need. Get started today!

Stop struggling!

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  • Other CPSM Review courses cost between $1500-$5000
  • No other courses guarantee the results!!!
  • Financially, CPSM certified professionals earn 10% more than those that are not certified according to Institute for Supply Management.
  • Professionally, you will have achieved a certification unmatched by any other professional credential in the supply management industry
  • CPSM Certification demonstrates your abilities for positions of greater responsibility
  • Organizationally, the knowledge gained from preparing for the exam will help your company achieve higher profits

Price: $2,697

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ISM: $1,997

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“I also wanted to offer some feedback and kudos on your training.  I personally appreciated your straight to the point approach and how you made it clear that you were first and foremost training us to pass the exam.  I felt comfortable and confident going into the exams which was directly the result of the training I received.  I knew exactly what to expect during the test and had no surprises.  You are an excellent communicator and kept everyone engaged by drawing out personal experiences.” Ted – Philadelphia, PA

“I just returned from CPSM Test 3 and passed it too! So, three up, three down. I couldn’t have done it without CPSM Boot Camp and the materials that came with it. Also, thank Alicia again for me. The breathing, stretching and hydrating were followed and they worked! ” Steve, Keiser Permanente

“I did a lot of research prior to enlisting in the CPSM Boot Camp and I found the CPSM Boot Camp to be the most comprehensive in its preparation. I was impressed with how much information was going to be covered within three days.” – Jennifer, Alegenol

“The CPSM Boot Camp’s real value came in focusing our attention on the important and relevant information covered by the exam. Knowing where and what to study allows you to develop a better focus of how to study.” – Jared, GPOR

“I chose the CPSM Boot Camp because the class would cover the material that would be on the exam in 3 days. I’ve also been away from supply management for 5 years and I wanted to get the latest information in my field.” – Liane, Schott