The Value of “S” in your life

Every Certified Purchasing Manager or CPM professional should be aware that they can still achieve more success and career stability when they add “S” in between “P” and “M” in their title.

That’s right! You got it, it’s time for you to take the CPSM Bridge Exam and become a Certified Professional in Supply Management. When you add “S” to CPM, hundreds of opportunities will surely open!

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“S” in CPSM does not only stand for supply because it stands for a lot of things, such as stability in your career, salary increase, satisfaction, solid baseline of purchasing knowledge, success and spending more time with your family!

Did you know that you only have to pass the CPSM Bridge Exam for you to become a Certified Professional in Supply Management? You are lucky, since professionals without any other certifications would usually take and pass all three CPSM Exam before they can finally call themselves as Certified Professional in Supply Management!

The Institute for Supply Management stated that a 2.5% reduction in procurement costs produces the same amount of profit as a 10% increase in sales. We want to help you earn the credential that tells everyone you are a Supply Chain Leader that can provide solutions in a time when sales are flat or declining.

A great way to prepare for the CPSM Bridge Exam is to join the CPSM Certification Boot Camp because it will immerse you into an intense, fast-paced and focused review that would only take three to five days! Dr. Randall M. Mauldin, USMC (ret), CPSM®, PMP has guided hundreds of professionals aspiring to pass the CPSM Exam. He has served supply management professionals working for multinational companies ranging from the industries of aviation, hospital health care, real estate, pharmaceuticals and a lot more.

When you join the CPSM Certification Boot Camp you will receive a structured CPSM study guide, interactive instruction, CPSM Diagnostic Test, assigned certification coach, and a lot more!

One of the advantage of joining the CPSM Certification Boot Camp than studying on your own is that you are guaranteed that you are studying the correct topics and you will also learn strategies on how to pass the CPSM Bridge Exam.

CPSM Certification Boot Camp offers a stunning pass guarantee offer! The CPSM review course of Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC shoulders three re-examinations for professionals who fail the CPSM Exam, which is a $900 value guarantee. Less than 10% of CPSM Training Certification students asked for re-examination fees.

If you don’t have enough money to finance your review, CPSM Certification Boot Camp is currently having a Scholarship Sweepstakes wherein you can win a $1597 worth of scholarship!

Course Overview

The three-day Supply Management Review Certification Course covers the following:

  • Introduction to CPSM
  • Foundation of Supply Management 1
  • Effective Supply Management Performance Exam 2
  • Leadership in Supply Management Exam 3
  • Wrap-up and Conclusion

The last day to register for the CPSM Bridge Exam is on December 31, 2014! Take the CPSM Bridge Exam is on December 31, 2014! Meanwhile, the last day to take the CPSM Bridge Exam is on December 31, 2015!

If you are a CPM professional, it’s time for you to put an “S” to your title and trust CPSM Certification Boot Camp! You have to decide now! For more information you can visit or call 877-680-0494 or