What will an ordinary supply management enterprise look like after a decade? For many, this is a question of difficult proportions to answer. Nevertheless, a lot of experts and specialists perceive it as complex, high-tech and network driven, not to mention well distributed all over the world.

Supplier management firms have always supported their partnered organizations in cutting expenditures through making transactions with favorable rates for acquisition of products and services. Yet in order to thrive during the next few years, cutting expenditures alone will simply not suffice for most enterprises. Supplier management firms will also be anticipated to contribute towards profit production, innovation, collaboration, advancement execution and tactical management. They should also become agile in packaging up their household since taking roles in remote areas across the globe will most likely become a part of their work responsibilities. Firms will be demanding more of supply management firms to progress and develop as they do, and expect more performance and delivery of value to the firm. Supply management firms have to be prepared for those demands.

First and foremost among the obstacles is negotiating with the external forces that are influencing organizations and supply management. Coming not as a surprise, globalization, specifically the influences and effects of developing nations like China and India, has played a crucial factor on the immensely competitive platform. Multinational firms have been producing goods and acquiring services in cheap labor expense nations for some time now, yet the pace of outsourcing is escalated drastically, and is expected to continue to improve during the next decade, according to experts and researchers.

Another factor driving cataclysm in the supply management market is technology. Advancements in technology for both the application utilized to enable and enhance supply management, and technologies that have changed the means in which products and services are rendered have been slowly yet surely remodeling the future supply management work function. Reflecting what has occurred in the consumer space with websites and pages like YouTube, and technological advancements that streamlines on collaboration are the future patterns for enterprises in general and supply executives specifically.

According to researchers and experts, new updates and breakthroughs in technology will support supply executives in better collaborating on operations not just through interacting via email, yet through experiencing full and rich transfer of data on a real-time computerized basis across the globe. To add up, new data systems will assist firms in navigating the increasingly sophisticated nature of business relationships.

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