Gymnastics is an awesome! It is exciting to watch the brave gymnasts finish harmful routines on-floor, bars, column, and container. I have been a gymnast for several years now, and I love the activityis beauty, grace and fearlessness. Even though activity is not always represented properly in videos, it’s exciting to view it go mainstream. Were you, like much of the planet, influenced from the 2012 London Olympic gymnastics clubs? Fascinated with Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber? Unfortunately, the Summer Olympics only happens once every four years. By watching several of those fun gymnastics-themed videos, though, you can benefit from the beauty and fearlessness of the sport whenever you want. 30 movie websites

Gymkata: Worst Film of the 80’s

Ok, I lied. This list includes seven leading Gymnastics videos and one horrible one: Gymkata. Its scenes are so outrageous that it’s difficult to think this movie was not a comedy.
Summary: you-can’t watch this movie without cracking up in almost every picture! The acting is terrible and the plot absurd. I want to say it’s so bad itis good, but I’m uncertain it actually qualifies for that dubious distinction. Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Lifetime docudrama

This video is just a Lifetime Original Movie based on the bestselling non fiction book by Joan Ryan: Young Girls in Very Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters.

The story: The movie is about a lady who moves to LA so that you can follow Olympic dreams. With a challenging coach and super hard training plan, it shows young female gymnasts pressing their health towards the control as a way to achieve excellence. How far can they’re going to attain their objectives and ambitions?
The gymnastics: The gymnastics performances within this film can be good-and include a performance from the famous Deaf gymnast Aimee Walker.

American Anthem: An 80s Classic

The plot: Starring Gymnastics and teen stress, this 1986 movie shows a love story between two gymnasts who make together for your Olympic trials while overcoming personal hardships inside their own lives.
The Gymnastics: The main character, Steve, is played by real life American Olympian Mitch Gaylord. With its bright 80s passion and amazing athletics, there is no better video to cause you to feel like going out and learning gymnastics.

The Gymnast: An Account of Selfdiscovery

This story about a former gymnast discovering new love and meaning can be a critically acclaimed feature film.
The piece: A former gymnast whose profession was ended by an injury and it is caught in a loveless marriage sees her life-changing after she meets an attractive acrobat.

Conclusion: while not as Gymnastics-focused since the other movies with this listing, The Gymnast has a more complicated and emotionally stirring plot and amazing scenes of acrobatics.

Lefty: The One Armed Gymnast

The plan: This family-friendly film from 1979 is all about the true story of a onearmed gymnast, (I didn’t feel it either!) Carol Johnston. The gymnastics: Lefty can be a documentary starring the particular gymnast, and so the gymnastics inside is as outstanding when you would expect.

Summary: It Is a classic film which will be difficult to get if it weren’t fortunately on facebook! Lovely and inspiring, this film is fantastic for kids.

Gymnast: A BBC documentary

The story: A behindthescenes look at the world of Gymnastics, this documentary presents us a glimpse of the lives of a band of hopeful gymnasts. Girls have to handle pressure from parents, coaches and hard times. By the way, several of the parents in here are POWERFUL. These ladies are ready to risk everything as a way to enter the 2008 Olympics.

The Gymnastics: Again, the athleticism here is equally real and amazing. Worth watching for the Gymnastics alone.

Nadia: The Story Behind the Very First Perfect 10

The piece: Nadia Comaneci was the entire world’s first perfect 10. This family-friendly film from 1984 shows the story of her life, beginning with her being within a playground and ending with her becoming a star.

The gymnastics: The movie enables you to realize just how much effort is put into the game. Gymnasts begin teaching very small and “skip” their childhoods. Nadia’s “perfect 10” was the product of complete dedication. The gymnastics displays really demonstrate the task that adopts that perfection.

Perfect Body: Eating Disorders and Gymnastics.

The piece: This sad story tells of a gymnast who becomes enthusiastic about getting the “ideal body” for gymnastics. It shows how her eating disorder takes over her life and kills her.

The gymnastics: Amy Jo Johnson, celebrity of the picture Power Rangers, may be the cause. Johnson spent time like a competitive gymnast before her acting career and perfectly combines her athletic and working abilities within this part.