Why do you let sales professionals take advantage of you?

Companies spend over $20 Billion (yes, BILLION with a “B”) on sales training according to the American Society of Training and Development. Another report from the Best Practices, LLC cited some larger companies spend as much as $5.87 Million on sales training each year. The same study states new hires in the sales department receive 32 days of training in their first year and 10 days per year there after. 

So, how much does your company spend on procurement training
According to CAPS Research’s July 2013 Cross-Industry Report of Standard Benchmarks, procurement professionals receive from $177 to $1055 per employee per   year. Additionally, each of these employees are responsible for spending between $4.8M to $24M each year. The average spent on any type of training according to the American Society of Training and Development’s 2012 Industry Reports $1182 per year. 
From this simple analysis, we can conclude most supply professionals fall below the average in regards to training dollars spent. This is such a shame considering supply management is in an area that has a direct impact on the profitability of the company. 
Your supply chain team requires a solid foundation in supply management education because your supply chain has the greatest potential to increase profits and it is essential that you have supply professionals who know how to make a difference…today.  
When your company implements supply chain management you will see a return on investment of 40 percent by lowering costs, improving productivity, and increasing opportunities.
According to the Institute for Supply Management, a 2.5% reduction in procurement costs produces the same amount of profit as a 10% increase in sales. Considering how much revenue your company generated last year, if you were able to save 2.5% in cost, how much more profit would that equal to the bottom line. 
Your procurement and supply chain staff give you the greatest advantage to generate PROFITS for your company.
Supply Leaders who earned the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM®) certification are the best qualified to manage your supply chain. 
CPSM® Certification Equals Results – The CPSM® certification demonstrates your professionalism and your expertise in reducing procurement costs, i.e. generate profits.
Benefits to you …
Immediate Impact – certification will immediately help you achieve cost savings for your organization through the actionable concepts and techniques we teach. One person saved an additional 15% on a $15 Million deal based on the information learned to prepare for the test.
Strategic Sourcing – The key concepts of certification training focus on STRATEGIC actions. Organizations developing a strategic sourcing program benefit from sending key personnel because the course brings about cost saving changes in the near term and sets the foundation for strategic thinking that lead to ongoing savings.
Choosing us to train your team will provide the results you need because … 
Intense & Effective – Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC offers the most intense and effective preparation courses for the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM®) exam offered by the Institute for Supply Management. Focused immersion provides participants with the knowledge to achieve results and pass the exams…guaranteed.
Success is guaranteed – You will achieve success on the CPSM® Exams offered by the Institute for Supply Management because we guarantee that if you do not pass the exams, then we will pay for the second and, if necessary, the third attempts.
The results realized from CPSM® Certified professionals are higher cost savings, which equals higher profits and business survival in the current economy.
Do you want to stand out above all others, generate more profits, and become more competitive for future opportunities?   
Our company is an expert in training Supply Leaders to reduce costs and increase profits.
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